SAP SuccessFactors Helping EY Improve Its HR Processes with Advanced ERP Systems

SAP SuccessFactors Helping EY Improve Its HR Processes with Advanced ERP Systems
The Siliconreview
01 Febuary, 2020

Big Four business EY, having increased its headcount in five years, had to upgrade its on-board internal human resources processes to help its 290,000 global employees. SAP Success Factors has helped EY improve its HR processes by improving workers' ability to access critical enforcement training within the company.

Most companies buy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in one integrated system to handle different business processes within the company–including accounting, human resources and purchasing. SAP is a computer program used by many organizations as their ERP system, which provides applications for almost all business operations. If well implemented, the system has several analytical features that allow versatility and productivity gains for businesses. Nonetheless, if poorly implemented, enterprises will quickly find themselves trapped in a seemingly endless ERP pit, which can be extremely expensive.

Through solutions from SAP SuccessFactors, EY has been able to meet speed and scale expectations through its HR activities internationally, while offering the solution in 14 languages to its multicultural, diverse workforce. At the same time, by providing a mobile-enabled user experience, it was able to improve its on-boarding and build a learning culture in the firm driven by the reward scheme for EY badges. In the first two years, 50,000 certificates were given out, helping to improve the company's regulatory compliance and achieving better outcomes for clients.