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SolarWinds to add database performance monitor to its management portfolio

SolarWinds to add database performance monitor to its management portfolio
The Silicon Review
07 Febuary, 2020

SolarWinds which is the top-most provider of powerful and economical IT management software is now all set to add the Database Performance Monitor (DPM) to its IT operations management (ITOM) portfolio, hybrid, cloud-native databases, and enabling customers to manage on-premises through a sole service provider with on-premises as well as SaaS delivery.

Following the acquisition of VividCortex in 2019, the firm has extended its database management offerings to bring in a real-time, deep-drive performance monitoring open-source databases with the introduction of DPM. The company is also offering a dashboard approach to the database and system monitoring. It also provides a real-time feedback loop for application developers, DevOps and monitoring engineers to improve the database services.

The database performance monitor works alongside the company's vivid applications which help to identify the root cause of the application response time issue. It also helps to solve problems associated with the open-source and NoSQL database. It also has the capability to rapidly find and fix the issue at a faster phase. The combination of this new technology will help the SolarWind to go deep on app traces, infrastructure monitoring, metrics, logs, and many more.