Nike's running sneakers Vaporfly to be allowed in the 2020 Olympics

Nike's running sneakers Vaporfly to be allowed in the 2020 Olympics
The Siliconreview
03 Febuary, 2020

The world governing body for track and field announced that it is allowing the existing version of Nike's Vaporfly shoe to be worn in the elite and athletic completion of Olympics which will be held this year, as it has set a new restriction on the footwear the athletes will be wearing. The new set of guidelines stated that running shoes cannot have more than one carbon-fiber plate, and also the height of the sole of the shoe should not be more than 40 millimeters. Nike's Vaporfly meets those criteria.

The governing body has also stated that it will, however, investigate the technology used in the shoe and similar shoes by competitors to make sure that the integrity of the sports is not compromised. "It is not our job to regulate the entire sports shoe market, but we must preserve the integrity of elite competition by ensuring that the shoes worn by elite athletes in competition do not offer any unfair assistance or advantage," World Athletics President Sebastian Coe said in a statement.

Since these sneakers hit the market, they have been under the limelight and have been a topic of debate, especially among runners. It is reported that these shoes increase the speed of anyone who wears them at least by 4 percent. However, the athletic committee and Olympics governing board have permitted the athletes to wear them. With this, Nike shares have climbed by 19 percent, which is overwhelming