Audi UK is collaborating with IBM to revamp its digital customer experience

Audi UK is collaborating with IBM to revamp its digital customer experience
The Siliconreview
18 January, 2021

Audi UK, one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world, has collaborated with IBM to completely redesign Audi’s website to make sure that it can deliver a more engaging digital customer experience. In 2020, Audi witnessed a massive spike in online sales inquiries, even though the new car sales rate was steadily falling. Ninety percent of Audi’s car purchases were completed online, and to make the experience more engaging for the customers, Audi has reached out to IBM. The rise in Covid cases has helped businesses setup contact-less services, and most of the car showrooms were forced to reduce in-person operations.

Audi UK is trying to focus on various factors like driving experience, price, safety, and technology that will affect the customer’s experience. Audi UK’s Head of Digital, Anthony Roberts, has stated that the number of leads has grown exponentially in the past year, and the sales conversion has also improved. The company has turned around from being very poor in terms of data analytics to become incredibly rich. The latest collaboration with IBM is expected to help Audi setup an effective cloud-based platform and building a smarter experience for people communicating with the brand. IBM has helped Audi to build an analytics platform, which has helped them with market insights and better opportunities.