The all-new Fido Protocol aims to simplify IoT Device Onboarding

The all-new Fido Protocol aims to simplify IoT Device Onboarding
The Siliconreview
23 April, 2021

The Fido Alliance, an association that has developed several voluntary authentication standards to minimize the use of passwords, recently has launched an onboarding protocol for IoT devices which is primarily designed to enhance security. The all-new onboarding protocol uses asymmetric public-key cryptography to offer a secure and fast way of onboarding IoT devices to any device or management system.

The new FIDO Device Onboard Protocol will enhance the business security and help take advantage of the entire IoT opportunity by replacing the currently available manual onboarding process with an automated and highly secure industry solution. This new protocol can recognize the enormous potential IoT holds and its benefits to the manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistics, and transportation sector. It creates safer, stronger, and secure means of authentication for industrial and commercial environments.

The new FIDO protocol uses a single Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) device or identifier that can be onboarded on any platform or device. This new approach will enable onboarding to be carried more in a quicker and effective way. The Fido protocol will make it difficult for third parties to get information about the connected device’s progress from manufacturing to resale or decommissioning.