Twitter finally brings DM search feature to Android devices

Twitter finally brings DM search feature to Android devices
The Siliconreview
14 May, 2021

Twitter has finally made its DM Search feature available for Android after two years of exclusivity to iOS devices. "We've brought the DM search bar to Android and are rolling out an improved version that lets you search for all of your old convos, not just the most recent ones," the company announced in a tweet late on Thursday.

The DM search bar will help find older conversations by name for now. But Twitter also has plans to improve the DM search and search for actual texts in any conversation, which will be made available later this year. "Waiting for the option to search your DMs for message content? We're working on releasing that later this year!" Twitter added.

Earlier this year, the microblogging platform announced it was testing voice messages in direct messages (DMs) up to 140-seconds long in India. With this, Twitter has joined the likes of Instagram and Facebook to enable audio recordings via DMs. The experimental feature will be rolled out in phases to other countries in the future as well. Currently, it is in the testing phase limited to India, Brazil, and Japan. According to the company, voice messages in DMs will make it easier for people to have conversations.

Twitter had brought the DM search bar tool on iOS devices in October 2019. However, Twitter's mobile search doesn't give you anywhere near the power of Tweetdeck or Twitter's advanced search on the desktop web.