Walmart to Bring All-New Symbotic Robots to 25 Distribution Centers

Walmart to Bring All-New Symbotic Robots to 25 Distribution Centers
The Siliconreview
14 July, 2021

The retail giant, Walmart has announced its latest robotics partnership. The c retail firm will be teaming with Massachusetts-based automation company Symbotic. Both the companies have stated that they will extend their relationship to bring robots to around 25 regional Walmart distribution centers. This rollout will take several years to complete.

Both the companies have embraced automation to reshape the retail industry. The robots will increase freight sorting, stocking, and unloading. Both Walmart and Symbotic aims to serve customers now, and in the future, by providing the right tools and training to its customers and associates so they can deliver the items customers want, when they want them, with unmatched convenience. Both firms are investingon supply chain at an unprecedented scale in to optimize that process end-to-end.

Walmart is focusing on piloting robots over the last several years, in hopes of expediting some of its processes. Besides, Walmart is also exploring ways for these machines to double up and perform in-store inventory checks and if successful it will be extended to various Walmart stores as well. Symbotic has a significantly stronger track record, in robotics sector. The company lists among its partners one of Walmart’s biggest competitors.