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Define product management marketing: a beginner's guide

product management marketing
The Silicon Review
21 August, 2023

There are so many different kinds of product managers in a sector as broad and varied as product management marketing. Aside from a conventional product manager, a product management marketing role is one of the most prevalent positions.

Below, we'll examine the position in more detail, including what the roles and responsibilities are:

What is product management marketing?

Product management marketing, simply explained, is the intersection of product development, sales, and marketing.

Similar to digital and traditional marketing, product management marketing focuses on getting the product to the market and ensuring that the proper buyers see it.

Product management marketing involves considerably more than just social media, email campaigns, and blogging, which are typically mentioned after the word "marketing." Product management marketing is extremely important because, without it, you wouldn’t be able to find the best and most popular products. Most of the things that end up on your browser page or explore page are due to marketing, which ultimately means that without the right kind of marketing, you might not have the phone you currently use or the coffee you currently drink.

Product management marketing is a form of telling a story; it helps a product or brand as a whole, share their story and communicate what they stand for. You can often find multiple similarities between products, but what sets each apart is their manner of storytelling.

What does a product management marketing role involve?

A product management marketing role is responsible for a product's positioning, messaging, and branding. After the launch, they also tend to manage various parts of client relations as well as collect and analyze consumer comments.

On a daily basis, product management marketing essentially focuses on guiding clients via a funnel that turns them from members of the general public into devoted followers.

At each of the three stages mentioned below of the sales funnel, product management marketing works on a different project for the customer.

  • Acquisition: Attracting customers' attention, raising their awareness of your product, and piquing their curiosity (newsletters, blogs, social media, and copywriting).
  • Engagement: It is the process of involving people in your fan base through events, call-to-actions, lead scoring, and exclusive deals and campaigns.
  • Retention/Conversion: Keeping clients around (for subscription-based business models) or turning them into paying customers (for one-time purchases) is referred to as retention or conversion. This is usually done by utilizing the product to create growth loops.

Product management marketing is frequently misunderstood to be primarily focused on acquisition. However, if you can't keep the current customers, it's pointless to acquire new ones. In order to reduce churn rates, marketing tries to nurture customers throughout their relationship with a product.

Product management marketing is challenging to define because it differs between businesses and might even differ between distinct items. For instance, the methods used by product management marketing for Google's Pixel phones and GSuite may differ greatly.

Product management marketing roles and responsibilities

A product management marketing role tells people outside the company — like potential customers, clients, or investors — about the benefits of a particular product or goods. Although the job description for a product management marketing role may vary from company to company, the following duties are frequently listed:

  • Before the product launch: A product management marketing role may analyze market research and incorporate pertinent results into the development process prior to a product launch. Aspects including product features, user experience, naming, and packaging may be influenced by their observations.
  • During the product launch: A product management marketing role will be in charge of the product's go-to-market plan during a product launch. They'll make sure that every product's marketing is truthful and presented in a way that appeals to potential customers. They may also supervise the production of product-related material, such as videos, blog articles, or slide shows.
  • After the product launch: A product management marketing role will monitor consumer feedback following a product launch and take appropriate action as needed. They might conduct more growth campaigns and trials or make recommendations for prospective changes to the product's versions in the future.


Product management marketing is an excellent entry point for marketing professionals wanting to enter the product world. People working in product management and marketing get to work across multiple industries and grow within the role, making it one of the most versatile and exciting jobs on the market.