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Palo Alto Networks is in talks...


Palo Alto Networks is in talks to buy two Israeli cybersecurity start-ups for $1 billion

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The Silicon Review
27 September, 2023

Palo security is seen as a particularly seductive (and competitive, but crowded) area.

Cybersecurity establishment Palo Alto Networks is said to be in talks with two Israeli start-ups, Dig Security and Talon Cyber Security, about acquiring them for a combined sum of around $1 billion. Both companies, which are less than three years old, have raised significantly less backing than is being offered in the accommodations. Palo Alto Networks has seen its share price swell lately, and some judges presume it has the instigation to make accessions. Experts told TechCrunch that the broader trend towards cybersecurity had urged increased interest from large companies looking to avoid being left behind and fight the part of artificial intelligence in hacking.

Palo security is seen as a particularly seductive (and competitive, but crowded) area. In discrepancy, Talon Cyber Security’s focus on offering an enterprise-position cybersurfer to secure distributed workforces has reportedly seen it produce a new order of technology. One source claimed it had formerly outperformed its endpoint security counterparts. The implicit accessions accentuate the growing significance of cybersecurity to companies of all sizes. From 2015 to 2025, the cost of cybersecurity breaches is projected to rise by $300, reaching $10.5 trillion, according to McKinsey. Interest in Israeli start-ups may be driven by a desire to fill gaps in immolations and to provide guests with a consolidated cybersecurity strategy in an increasingly crowded market.