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Geek+ collaborated with Toll G...


Geek+ collaborated with Toll Group to launch its First Robotics Sorting Warehouse in Korea

Geek+ Toll Group Robotics Sorting Warehouse
The Silicon Review
17 April, 2024

The aim is to enable Toll to leverage mobile order fulfillment robots for expanded applications and replicate the success of this project

Geekplus, renowned globally for its mobile robot and smart logistics solutions, has inaugurated an advanced automated warehouse in collaboration with Toll Group, a prominent logistics entity. Spanning an area equivalent to four football fields, the warehouse boasts a capacity to accommodate up to 300,000 inventory items. Stephen Kim, Sales Director of Geekplus Korea, expressed enthusiasm about providing Toll with a competitive edge by seamlessly integrating robotic automation into their supply chain. This marks the first partnership between Geekplus and Toll Group, with plans for future collaborations.

At Toll Group's latest site in Baeksa, over 60 robots efficiently streamline sortation operations, resulting in a notable 70% increase in productivity and sorting efficiency. This enhancement significantly supports e-commerce, retail, and omnichannel fulfillment for Toll's retail clients. The considerable improvement has led to substantial cost savings in time and labor, facilitating faster e-commerce order delivery and offering real-time tracking and traceability, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. Dongseop Yoon, Senior Business Development Executive at Toll, highlighted the investment as a reflection of Toll's commitment to innovation. It aligns with Toll's broader strategy to expand in key Asian markets by providing customers with cutting-edge warehouse automation technology. The sorting system provided by Geekplus has proven instrumental in managing escalating volumes swiftly and efficiently as Toll's business continues to grow.