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How to Locate Lost Phone Using...


How to Locate Lost Phone Using Phone Number

How to Locate Lost Phone Using Phone Number
The Silicon Review
10 June, 2024

Losing a mobile phone can happen to anyone. You could misplace it, leave it on the bus or train on your way back from work, or someone might steal it from you. Whatever the case, you can quickly locate lost phone by phone number.

Are you not sure how it works? You won't be the first. Tracking a lost phone can be done in various ways, including just by doing this simple step: type in phone number and find location free online using a third-party app like mSpy or Scannero.io. Join us today as we guide you through the process in this short and simple tutorial.

You've Lost Your Phone, What Now?

We'll skip how you lost the phone and focus on the next steps. What's the first thing you should do when you lose your phone? First, we'll tell you what you shouldn't do: Don't panic. Giving in to panic and anxiety won't help you reunite with your phone faster. Instead, stop and think systematically. This ensures you're taking the proper steps to locate your lost phone.

Practical Steps to Find Your Lost Phone

So, what did we mean when we said "think systematically"? You must take proper steps and use effective techniques to find your phone. Here, we've listed some answers on how to track my lost phone by number and other alternatives.

Enabling Location Services

One of the first things you can do to track your phone is to check if location services are activated. If they are, you can utilize the phone's built-in feature to find its real-time location. You can even review the location history to see where the phone has been.

But if you forgot to turn on location services, don't worry. There are other ways to track a lost cell phone by number.

Use Third-Party Tracking Apps

Third-party apps provide an easy way to track your phone using your phone number. We've reviewed some tracking tools to find the best one for you. Scannero stood out the most.


With Scannero.io, all you need is the phone number. Enter the number on the website, and it will send an SMS to the phone with a location-sharing link. It works with older flip phones as well. When someone opens the link, it will start sharing the live location.


In contrast, mSpy offers a comprehensive solution for phone tracking and monitoring. Alongside locating a phone, mSpy provides advanced features for monitoring calls, texts, and social media activity. Ideal for parental control and device security, mSpy offers a robust toolkit for effective oversight and protection.

Contact Your Service Provider

Contact the service provider to find my lost phone by phone number. They'll help you locate your phone using their SIM trackers when you have a valid reason.

Remote Lock and Erase

It is a crucial step when you try to track a lost cell phone by number. You must erase data on a lost or stolen phone to prevent unauthorized access to personal information. This safeguards sensitive data like passwords, financial details, and personal photos from falling into the wrong hands, reducing the risk of identity theft or privacy breaches. To erase your phone using built-in features:

  1. Enable Find My Device (Android) or Find My iPhone (iOS) in settings.
  2. Use another device to log in to the corresponding service (Google or Apple).
  3. Select your lost device and choose the option to erase it.
  4. Confirm the erase command.
  5. Verify that all data has been erased.

Wrapping Up

While losing your device is inconvenient, taking proactive steps, such as utilizing tools like mSpy or Scannero for added security, can help protect your data and minimize potential harm. Stay vigilant and consider employing one of the techniques mentioned here to locate lost phone by phone number or any alternative methods.