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We Diagnose, Alleviate and Cure diseases with an emphasis on Customer Delight: Bajaj Pharmaceuticals


“The aim of medicine is to prevent diseases and prolong life, the ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of physician” – William James Mayo

Bajaj Pharmaceuticals was established in 2007 to manufacture pharmaceuticals formulations on P2P basis, in the tax free zone of Roorkee, Uttrakhand. Currently they are manufacturing for more than 2000 Pharmaceuticals Marketing Companies in India.

Their business model works on the policy of providing manufacturing facility of global standards to medium and small scale marketing companies. When they started, they were one of the smallest manufacturing units in the tax free zone of Uttaranchal. Today, they are the biggest unit in their customer segment. There is no district in the country where the medicines manufactured by Bajaj Pharmaceuticals are not present. The doctors across the country have no issues in prescribing the medicines manufactured by them because the quality of their products is well
established now.

The entire team of Bajaj Pharmaceuticals works with the motto “without integrity nothing works” to achieve extraordinary results. They believe that work speaks louder than words and so, they emphasis on operational excellence with world class quality. The company’s business philosophy is based on delivering value to its stakeholders and constantly inspires people to innovate, achieve excellence and set new benchmarks. Their constant endeavour is to provide wide range of innovative products to the customers with a complete understanding of today’s dynamic market scenario. They have the product line which supports their aim of providing quality medicine at an affordable price.

Quality medicines; Better health
The most organized setup in the country for providing effective manufacturing solutions to small and mid-sized marketeers. They use CRMS softwares used by global companies despite providing medicines in small batch sizes (unlike others).

Bajaj Pharmaceuticals is specialized in Manufacturing of:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Syrups
  • Injectables and
  • Sachets

and other allied services like:

  • In-house Designing
  • In-house Printing
  • FRANCHISE Marketing Network
  • In-house legal cell

Bajaj Pharmaceuticals promises good health for all by providing quality medicines at affordable prices. Their committment for people’s well being is their prime goal and every day they strive hard to achieve this goal. They are an integrated; research based pharmaceutical company, producing a wide range of quality, affordable medicines, trusted by healthcare professionals and patients. They have the defining science, cost-effective drug development capabilities and significant manufacturing capacity to move ideas to market.

They are a GMP and ISO certified organization lead by a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to deliver the best. Their commitment towards quality, rich industry experience together with ethical business values has taken them a long way in gaining recognition. Their aim is providing quality medicines at an affordable, their research and development team work continuously to achieve this and to bring quality medicine to you.

“Everybody in the pharmaceuticals manufacturing industry wants to hit the apex of the triangle. i.e. they run after companies with huge volumes. but we hit the base of the triangle. This has created a somewhat monopoly like situation for us”, says Amit Bajaj. They are setting up a new state of the art facility of international standards, in an area of more than 1 lac sq. ft. to increase their capacity.

There were some hurdles, but they succeeded
Any developing economy, poses most challenges on the small scale industry. Eventually, either they survive by becoming big and self sufficient or perish. They are no different, rater their entire supply chain is a part of small scale economy, having overheads of a large-scale economy. The overheads of a large scale company are of essence because for delivering quality, they are a must.

Client Territory
Any one, who wants to start a Pharmaceuticals Marketing Business, they are a one stop solution provider under one roof. Their entire business model is based on the Customer Delight Model. Their company does not have a marketing or business develpoment department. Their satisfied customers are their advertisements and they get business only by word of mouth.

Meet the Founder
Amit Bajaj is a Chartered Accountant by qualification, after completing his qualification, he wanted to do something against the league. His philosophy is, “The more difficult the venture, the lesser competition you have to face.” Amit has completed his schooling from St. George’s College Mussoorie and graduated from Delhi University.