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“We combine expertise and industry-leading intelligence to deliver reliable private security anywhere around the globe at a moment’s notice.” Pinkerton

thesiliconreview-jack-zahran-president-pinkerton-2017The storied history of Pinkerton dates back more than 160 years to when Allan Pinkerton founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in 1850. While more commonly known for its work protecting railway shipments for several Midwest railways, the company also gained widespread attention for its relentless pursuit of legendary outlaws like Jesse James – The Younger Gang, the Dalton Brothers, and Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch. Pinkerton and his agents were also famously instrumental in foiling an assassination plot against Abraham Lincoln and escorting him safely through the ranks of treason to his first inauguration. Pinkerton’s agents performed services ranging from security guarding to private military contracting work, and the company was the largest private law enforcement organization in the world at the height of its power.

Fast forward 160-plus years and the world looks very different than it did in 1850, and Pinkerton as a company looks much different than it did back then. Now, the company works with some of the world’s largest business enterprises to provide a wide range of corporate risk management services and solutions, including security consulting and investigations, executive protection, employment screening, and protective intelligence.

In short: Pinkerton works with business leaders around the world to keep people, property and proprietary information safe from the vast number of threats impacting business continuity on a daily basis.

Security Risk Management Consulting Services

Pinkerton offers the global resources and expertise to provide comprehensive Security Risk Management and Consulting Support for any or all of your locations around the world.

Reliable Solutions That Protect Every Facet of Your Business: Whether your organization functions in a single, multi-story environment or operates facilities in locations scattered around the world, Pinkerton can develop comprehensive risk mitigation plans filled with effective strategies and programs designed to protect every important element of your business: employees, customers, supply chain, the physical environment, and your products.

Offering you nearly 170 years of expertise, Pinkerton can:

  • Serve as your single source to meet a wide range of Security Risk Management needs
  • Provide you access to our industry-leading experts
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities for your organization

Global Corporate Intelligence Services

Every service Pinkerton provides is augmented by incorporating information and analysis that is timely, reliable and relevant. Everything Pinkerton does — every decision an agent makes — is infused with intelligence.

“We don’t simply place boots on the ground nearly anywhere and anytime. Pinkerton incorporates actionable intelligence into every aspect of our service offerings. As a result, we deliver increased protection to our clients’ personnel, operations and assets. We call this combination of capable people and tailored information Protective Intelligence,” the team says.

In conversation with the leadership team

What are the tussles you encountered?

The threats our clients face today are very different from the threats we faced when the company’s roots started. A lot of that is driven by new and rapidly evolving technologies—but that isn’t always the case. Look at the Zika virus, for example, an epidemic that wasn’t around several years ago but emerged as a new threat that businesses need to consider. But new technologies are also an ally as we leverage things like social media to make better informed decisions about threats facing our clients and how to handle them.

While the exact nature of the threats we face on a daily basis are different than they were 160 years ago, those threats take similar forms like war and strife, and terrorists instead of bandits. The company has evolved and maturedin the sense that technology has advanced our abilities, however, our focus on being a leader in corporate risk management has led us to focus on other aspects of risk outside that a lot of other security providers don’t take into account. We look at risk from a holistic perspective, because if you focus on one area, you leave yourself vulnerable and exposed to other risks.

How is Pinkerton structured?

Because of the evolving and changing nature of risk, we have to be flexible—and our company is structured in a way that allows for that flexibility. We have an incredible global infrastructure constantly mining and sharing data that fuels our decision-making capabilities. Employees at every level are empowered to leverage those insights to make recommendations and decisions in the best interest of our clients. Each situation we face with our clients, and the way the situations are handled, differs every time based on the global landscape, our client’s goals and our intel insights. But we are always prepared to act.

How is the firm idiosyncratic?

We have some proprietary tools and technologies that no other firm has. One of those is our Risk Index report—there’s nothing else like it in the market. It essentially allows organizations to look at a number of different types of risk and see where those risks are most prevelant throughout the world. We conducted years of research to create this report, looking at dozens of different threats using data from prominent local, regional and global organizations. With this report, we can sit down with a client and say, “So you’re looking to expand your global footprint. These three countries would be best because of X,Y and Z reasons.” Economic stability, infrastructure, ability to deal with natural disasters or pandemics, levels of corruption—these are all factors that we can take into account in the Risk Index report.

Why do you feel your clients give you credence?

In a time of crisis, we make it easy to engage our services. We offer a single point of contact and provide personnel on site dedicated to protecting people and assets. Importantly, only Pinkerton has the capabilities to offer:

  • Global Resources – we provide international crisis response anywhere, anytime
  • Scalability – our services adapt as fast as situations change so you’re never left unprepared
  • Protective Intelligence – with 24/7 Threat Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis and Real Time Alerting, our agents quickly adjust plans when warranted

What should strike your clients when they hark to Pinkerton?

Our history, first of all. But more importantly, its our innovative nature. Pinkerton was a leader of innovation in 1850 and we continue to innovate the risk management space now as the risk landscape evolves. No matter what type of risk our client is facing, we always bring forth that customized solution to meet their needs and goals. That really sets us apart—the ability to think outside the box and go beyond prescribing cookie-cutter solutions.

How do you deal with tricky projects?

This goes back to both our flexibility and our global network of information resources. Having real-time information coming in from boots on the ground across the globe helps us be nimble and act quickly when the need presents itself. Dealing with situations that span multiple countries or numerous continents can be difficult, but that’s also why we have a global presence so we can leverage assets anywhere at any time to succinctly coordinate real-time solutions. We have great people at Pinkerton, people who have a vested interest in protecting the needs of our clients.

The Fact

Pinkerton traces its roots to 1850, when Allan Pinkerton founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Today, Pinkerton offers organizations a range of corporate risk management services from security consulting and investigations to executive protection, employment screening and protective intelligence. With employees and offices worldwide, Pinkerton maintains an unmatched reputation for protecting clients and their assets around the globe.

“Our agents are supported by cutting-edge intelligence and information technology to assist at every step of the investigation.”