November Edition 2020

5 Best BigData Companies to Watch 2020


Company Management Description
Medacist Solutions Group
David J. Brzozowski, Jr. CTO  Medacist is the lead innovator in drug diversion analytics as evidenced by being granted the only U.S. patent for drug diversion. Its core initiative is to deliver actionable information focused on the medication use process to drive better patient safety outcomes for the clients it serves.
Piotr Krewski
Board Member & Co-founder
GetInData was founded by ex-Spotify engineers with multi-year experience in Big Data technologies. The company builds scalable data infrastructures, implement distributed data-processing applications, train your team and share its knowledge in the Big Data community.
Cary Sparrow, Founder Greenwich.HR was founded by business leaders who understand how poor data creates confusion and waste. Its solutions offer richer information to broader audiences at substantially lower cost.
Ashish Thusoo, CEO & Co-founder Qubole’s Platform provides end-to-end data lake services such as cloud infrastructure management, data management, continuous data engineering, analytics, and machine learning with near-zero administration. 
Ashutosh Garg, Co-founder & CEO Eightfold is the industry’s first Talent Intelligence Platform, built for enterprises, to address Talent Acquisition and Management in a holistic fashion.