August Special Edition 2021

5 Best SaaS Solution Providers to Watch 2021

Company Management Description
Swag Soft
Chee Yong
Co-founder & COO
Swag Soft provides a comprehensive suite of services, spanning - app development, game development, augmented reality development and iBeacon technology. The company provides additional value by discussing your business objectives, roll out strategy and app marketing plans as well.
Page Tucker
President & CEO
ProStar® is a world leader in Precision Mapping Solutions® and is creating a digital world by leveraging the most modern GPS, cloud, and mobile technologies.
VFP Consulting
Stephanie Picardi
VFP Consulting implements cloud-based business applications to help businesses streamline operations and become more efficient. It believes in the power and convenience of a single cloud platform that provides a 360° view of your business.
Caroline Plumb OBE
Fluidly is defining a new category of Intelligent Cashflow to help business owners sleep better at night by helping them get cash in the bank when they need it. The company is excited to be working with businesses and accountants across the UK to achieve just that.
Geoff Rego
Co-founder & CEO
Hushly’s content engagement and conversion platform delivers a complete solution – content engagement, lead conversion, and lead enrichment – for B2B marketers executing lead generation and ABM campaigns.