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A big data company with a whole lot of DNA in machine learning : BloomReach


E-commerce in the recent years has become the focus point of digital innovation in the digital space and Consumers today are resorting to all forms of technology be it an iPad or a laptop to access information through the net. On the other hand, this era of digital divide between customers, retailers and other service providers is increasing day by day. There is a lot of science that goes behind how search engines operate and the rising availability and regular addition of information on the web is making the Consumer face difficulties to make choices due to hassled searches on the web, the result being limited consumer experiences as they reach out to the traditional business players only by choice, or mostly by compulsion as the data online is confusing and the non-traditional players lose out on a huge consumer base. The traditional database management tools also find it nearly impossible to process such large amounts of data online on a regular basis.

It is here that BloomReach steps in, to revolutionize the usage of the search engines and bridge the gap between different various sized companies and their potential customers. Established in 2009, the California based company provides big data marketing applications that consume web-wide and website data to interpret consumer demand and deliver more relevant user experiences on any marketing channel. BloomReach’s unique big data marketing applications that drive revenue – BloomReach Organic Search for organic-search customer acquisition, Compass and BloomReach SNAP for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile for cross-channel-optimized personalized discovery experiences, that are built on BloomReach’s signature technology, the Web Relevance Engine (WRE). Designed for enterprise and larger retailers who pay a monthly subscription fee for a set number of “snap requests” to the BloomReach system, the company comes up with the right solutions and information facilitating search engines to structure relevant links to the content searched for and ranks them properly for consumers giving optimum search.

BloomReaching the Web

With differentiated web engine and content, the data that the company brings to the table is complete and facilitates great consumer experience on the web. “We believe in the personalized discovery platform that provides better consumer experiences. It is a marketing cloud that amalgamates technology with business objectives. BloomReach uses a lot of BigData and Cloud Infrastructure, besides ATIs and latest technologies like Hadoops, own monitoring systems and maintains high levels of security in its hosted solution”, adds Mr Raj De Datta, the Founder. The third company that was started by Mr Raj, a graduate from Princeton and MBA from Harvard, targets the e-commerce sector mainly comprising of retailers, travelling websites and has reached out to clientele in the UK and US.

The other co-founder Mr Ashutosh Garg along with Mr Raj came up with BloomReach in an attempt to come up with an engine that could sit in the cloud and make sure that websites could deliver content that was highly relevant.

Understanding Demands and Delivering Relevance, Revenue and Results The increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets etc saw the company optimizing mobile experiences and come up with easier sorting of data and display of information according to choices of the consumer with a facility to track mobile usage for determination of mobile sales and influences with the client. Powering all of BloomReach’s ad marketing services is the company’s Web Relevance Engine.

With a promise of helping clientele connect at the right moment with clients, the engine enables Consumers to have the best user experience and helps Businesses maintain a step ahead of its competitors by generating dramatic increases and qualified traffic and conversions with regular updates in web and consumer behavior. Based on a pay-for-performance business model, BloomReach Organic Search uses big data marketing applications and offers a better user experience by making the most relevant products or services of websites easier to find. The Web Relevance Engine, supplements efforts related to Search Engine optimization by stressing existing content on a website and increases the quality of every page and the website overall.

In fact, Dale Nitschke (the managing partner of Ovative/Group and the former CEO of, one of BloomReach’s clients says that “The most exciting thing about BloomReach is their work which is a great efficient way to bring world traffic to one’s website. BloomReach is unique in its positioning. It can automate something that you can invest or turn out money with and form a great big team. Their technical implementation is easy with assured results on a positive note.”

SNAP on time

“We believe that Search on the Web is an integral part of discovering products and services and of course consumer needs”, says the founder Mr Raj Datta. A one of a kind solution for e-tailers, SNAP (search, navigation, and personalization), was launched by BloomReach earlier this year and aims to personalize site content, regardless of the consumer’s device, through analytics that reveal how their customers search, browse, and buy. With the Netflix approach, it assures customers not only an opportunity to sift through the web and meet their tailor made needs, but also ensures absolute privacy and non revelation of any personal data entered while filling forms, making purchases, etc.

A tool that identifies content-performance opportunities

The personalized discovery platform company also launched BloomReach Compass, recently, a big-data application that collects and understands online retailer data across channels and devices, then provides prioritized content opportunities that drive top-line revenue and site performance. With a focus on giving site-optimization, site-merchant, and search-marketers specific, product-level content suggestions to optimize various business goals, Compass is the only tool of its kind that uses algorithmic intelligence and natural-language processing to identify content-performance opportunities and also uses machine-learning to intuitively suggest fixes to issues.

The Roadmap Ahead

“There are solutions to problems on the cloud. But it is about designing the solutions and making it easy to understand and adaptable. We wish to BloomReach the web and make our technology and creations reach out to more and companies and consumers across all geographies”, says the Founders at BloomReach. With lots of more surprises to facilitate consumer-enterprise engagement online, BloomReach poses a challenge for companies today to move behind fancy websites to focusing on availability of relevant content on every webpage, in the present and upcoming days.