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A Complete, End-To-End Data Integration Tool Set: Unifi Software


“A software platform that makes the entire data preparation process a no-hassle no-brainer.”

Unifi provides a comprehensive suite of self-service data integration tools to empower business users. The company combines an intuitive interface with the widest range of native data connectors on the market to facilitate all aspects of data integration, including: discovery, cleansing, enriching, normalization, transformation and native connection to industry-leading BI Tools. Unifi is the only enterprise-class, data integration platform that runs natively on Hadoop, leveraging both Hive and Spark resources, while delivering uncompromising security and data governance. Unifi is based in San Mateo, California, and was founded in 2014.

The core problem that has arisen in this new era of Analytics is business users have not been enabled to participate in the most critical part of the process that has the biggest impact on time to insight. With the advent of the Hadoop data storage and processing platform this has created a unique opportunity to build an application that enables the business to acquire data, integrate it, enrich it, and load it into a flexible environment where agile and iterative analytics can occur. Unifi is building a first of its kind business application that combines Big Data integration processing layered with an elegant and simple user experience that will dramatically increase productivity and time to insight.

From acquisition to transformation, Unifi has cut Big Data hassles down to size with a clever way to access data from multiple sources and unify it into a single user-friendly platform.

For IT professionals, this means enabling and empowering end-users while maintaining tight control over the environment. For analysts, it means gleaning insights faster because this intuitive process is conveniently self-service.

Unifi’s enterprise-class, self-help data preparation process is unique to the industry, thanks to a combination of key steps Unifi takes that nobody else does. Unifi is the one transforming the way enterprises access, interact and consume data.

Cloud Migration made easy

Don’t let your lake become a swamp: Without data coming in and out of your data lake the information and therefore the insights that it holds can become stagnant. With Unifi controlling data in your lake updates to any data sources are handled automatically. Workflow and job automation can ensure repetitive tasks are set and forget. This ensures the data in your lake is always fresh and the insights delivered to your business users are up to date.

Better together – Unifi and Microsoft Azure: The Unifi platform resides on the control node of the Microsoft Azure HDInsight cluster and is the perfect complement to Azure HDInsight installations. Unifi leverages the HDInsight implementation of Apache Spark, HBase, Storm, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Oozie, and Ambari, as well as other Apache products, such as Yarn, which Unifi augments to provide an unparalleled level of Hadoop environment resource management.

Credit Union Finds New Customer in the Cloud: With offices throughout the state, an Arizona credit union has partnered with Unifi and Microsoft Professional Services to deploy Unifi in Azure HDInsights integrated with Dynamics CRM to create the ultimate divining rod for their member facing teams. Unifi will be integrating data from several disparate critical source systems to the Azure cloud.

By combining this data the Unifi platform creates a sophisticated profile for existing customers based on hundreds of different data attributes. These profiles can run against the credit union’s prospect database to identify existing and new potential customers that match the financial, demographic and lifestyle profiles of current members. The resulting insights are then fed directly into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to provide individual sales reps with a micro-targeted prospect list.

Micro-Target your Sales with Moxi

Profile your existing customers: Moxi combines dozens of data sources together algorithmically to define a precise profile for each of your current customers. Depletion data, cross-brand depletion, social media, competitive data, ePOS data, distributor sales reps, territory maps, Nielsen© Spectra™ data are just a few examples of where Moxi derives its IQ.

Find customers just like yours: The most likely new customers are those that look like your current customers. Maybe they serve the same local demographic, maybe the location received a positive sentiment in social media, maybe they carry competitive brands, and all this is taken into consideration when Moxi delivers a stack-ranked list of opportunities and a sales forecast to you.
Deliver tailored sales messages and sell sheets: Moxi’s output is a list of targets for each rep on a weekly basis. Not only is this information integrated with their CRM system, Moxi’s companion mobile app can deliver the key insights to the rep in the field.

People, Places and Things: Moxi can help you find your next most valuable customers regardless of whether you sell CPG products, financial services or manufacture doodads. Unifi will connect to your existing data and source the other data you need to create a Moxi IQ. Unifi’s Machine Learning technology will then deliver Moxi insights to your reps.

Simple Deployment under IT Data Governance: In most cases Moxi can be up and running and delivery sales insights within a month. Moxi is a cloud-based solution access to which is controlled by your IT team. The Unifi platform conforms to the strictest data policies from some of the world’s largest companies so your technical staff can be assured of data governance compliance.

Meet the Key Executive

Rob Carlson, Co-Founder & CEO: Rob has been in the Enterprise Technology space now for the last 20 years holding significant leadership roles in companies such as Business Objects/SAP, EMC and PeopleSoft. Prior to Unifi, he helped launch the expansion of early venture backed Big Data companies Platfora and Alpine Data Labs.

“Unifi is the only company that we are aware of that has set out from the beginning to deliver both data inventory and data preparation capabilities and which includes exactly the sorts of capabilities you would expect in both areas” – Philip Howard, Research Director, Bloor Research International.

“We put Big Data to Work and Optimize Your Sales Channel.”