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A leader in Core Banking Software and Digital Technology: Avaloq


Avaloq is a leader in core banking software and digital technology and a provider of software as a service (SaaS) and business process as a service (BPaaS) solutions for banks and wealth managers. Over 150 customers trust Avaloq with USD 4 trillion in assets managed with its software. Avaloq has pioneered SaaS delivery, built a great digital user experience and created a tried-and-tested process that gets many customers up and running in 90 days.

The company is always looking ahead, always improving, building on its flexible modular approach. But it’s not all about Avaloq. To stimulate future innovation, the company works with customers, fitness and outside developers in a uniquely open, collaborative way.

Avaloq launched its first core banking product in Switzerland in the early 1990s. It has been serving customers across Europe and Asia since 2005 and introduced its uniquely cost-effective business process as a service solution in 2011. It also launched its range of next-generation web and mobile banking software as a service in 2015 and added its integrated digital marketplace for innovative fintech solutions the following year.

The company is based in Switzerland, with a growing international network which already includes offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and Leipzig, Edinburgh and London, Luxembourg, Paris, Madrid, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, and Sydney. It is growing fast and most of its shares are still owned by its employees and the rest are held by a strategic partner, global private equity firm Warburg Pincus (45%).

What Avaloq Does: Fulfills clients' aspirations in a digital world

In a world where clients expect compelling digital interaction and agility, efficiency and compliance are watchwords and the solutions you adopt need to be designed from end to end to fit your needs. Avaloq has developed its own software and services from day one to help wealth managers and private, commercial and retail banks serve everyone from major companies to individual consumers.

Ready to Bank and Ready to Operate Around the Globe

Leaders in the financial services industry don’t want the hassle of worrying about managing complex IT and processing operations. That’s why Avaloq has built its services this way – ready to the bank and ready to operate.  

  • Ready-to-bank SaaS: Avaloq Software as a Service (SaaS) comes already configured with all the components, processes and interfaces you need to get your banking and wealth management staff up and running quickly. It includes a host of specialized third-party solutions to ensure comprehensive coverage of all your business-critical functions.
  • Ready-to-operate BPaaS: But then, why run your operation yourself? Avaloq Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) delivers the ultimate in automated back-office operations and access to an additional network of business-enhancing market services. Avaloq helps you focus on what you do best, while it takes care of the tasks it can handle more efficiently than anyone else on the planet.
  • Third-party solution marketplace: The Avaloq Software Exchange provides an extensive marketplace of third-party applications, BankletsTM, and adapters you can use to extend and personalize the banking services. These pre-integrated solutions enable you to add new features, like robot-advisory services and social media integration, quickly and easily.

Built to serve your clients

Wealth managers and private bankers want complete flexibility to provide different service levels, from industrialized investment solutions for the mass affluent to highly personalized relationship-based advice for sophisticated ultra-high net worth investors.

Avaloq provides the financial agility to match the demands of the most unconventional lifestyles and investment strategies.

Retail relationship managers, whether in traditional branch networks or ‘virtual banks’, can provide a fully digital online experience and self-service capabilities for all their clients. Its flexible solutions enable banks to adapt their services to meet the changing aspirations and lifestyles of individuals from different generations and different backgrounds.


“The functional richness and the international deployment capabilities are just two of the main reasons why we decided to go with the Avaloq Banking Suite for our private banking business.”

  • John Armstrong, COO of Global Private Banking, HSBC

“Together with Avaloq, ARIZON is building Switzerland’s most modern retail banking platform, which will provide comprehensive transaction services for the Raiffeisen Group.”

  • Mathias Schuetz, CEO of ARIZON

The Leader

Jürg Hunziker, Group Chief Executive Officer: Jürg is a proven international leader, with 30 years’ expertise in financial technology and banking. He is responsible for harnessing the expertise of Avaloq’s more than 2,000 global employees and executing Avaloq’s business strategy.

Away from work, he is an outdoor man, a keen cyclist, runner, and hiker. He is an active conservationist who supports several charities concerned with sustainability and protecting the environment.

Jürg joined the Group Executive Board as Avaloq’s Chief Markets Officer and Deputy CEO in 2016. Before this, he set up and then ran Sungard’s European division and was responsible for launching a number of capital market solutions.

“Give your clients what they want – new web and mobile services and a great user experience. You do the creative stuff. We integrate and orchestrate. And, thanks to SaaS, it all works beautifully.”