50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2016

A Leading Platform for Social Customer Engagement: Conversocial


“Headquartered in New York, USA, Conversocial has been in the social customer care space longer than most companies. Not only does this make it an expert on social media, it offers incredible value. Global brands come to Conversocial because of that value – it wrote the playbooks, developed the training and continues to design, build and setup entire customer care teams from scratch.”

Founded in 2009, Conversocial was an idea born out of necessity. When Joshua March was sitting in the contact centers of large early customers to the company, he saw first-hand the difficulty they would be facing – more and more customers were turning to social media not only for social purposes, but to publicly communicate with brands they admired. “We recognized that the core of social media revolved around communication and that a massive shift was underway. That’s when we set out to build a software company that would be scalable, sustainable and serve the customer engagement needs of global brands,” said Joshua. But the term social customer service didn’t exist and others did not believe it to be a viable business model.

The company realized that social media would fundamentally change how companies communicated with their customers. “We started working with companies to help shift their contact centers into social and saw how big of a challenge this would be for enterprise environments,” he added.

Focusing Solely on Social Customer Service
Unlike its competitors, Conversocial focuses solely on social customer service. From a pure product perspective, no other software comes close to providing large scale enterprises, operating hundreds of customer agents, with the ability to engage their customers from initial reach to resolution. This includes workflows, customer prioritization and singular social views of the customer.

Early on, the company developed and continues to maintain extremely close relationships and partnerships with the major social networks including Facebook (Preferred Developer and Marketing Partner), Twitter (Official Partner), Instagram (Partner). This enables Conversocial to be among the first to roll out new products on their core platform as they are launched by the major social players. For example, Conversocial was one of the first to implement live chat via Facebook Messenger.

Conversocial continues to build out and develop the enterprise contact platform of the future. Social media is the fastest growing channel for customer service. Messaging platforms are beginning to show incredible potential as the future of customer engagement. Everyone is on a smart phone and social media – it’s much more convenient.
Conversocial is dominant in the industry and is very excited about the future.

The Conversocial Advantage
“We don’t try to be everything for everyone, rather we’ve mastered our craft and deliver a best-in-class product our customers have come to rely on and innovate alongside with. When our partners such a Facebook or Twitter roll our new products, we are able to integrate these features almost immediately into our existing technology and provide clients with instant access,” explained Joshua.

Social customer engagement is not just about resolving issues for consumers, it’s about the entire brand reputation and authenticity in the company’s new social landscape. Conversocial was created to help companies deal with consumers in a more personal, human, and holistic way.

Solution Offerings
Conversocial is a leading platform for social customer engagement. From a macro perspective, it enables clients to implement a “Social First” strategy. A Social First strategy places social channels at the center of customer engagement as both its foundation and its architecture. Because social media is no longer purely a space for companies to deliver outbound marketing messages – it is the inbound customer queries that allow for meaningful engagement, retaining customers and building brand advocacy. So engaging the customer on the channel they own and control – Social– is critical. With Conversocial, brands can retain clients and boost brand identity by reaching, responding to and resolving customer issues right where they happen, be it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, etc.

The company also enables brands to deliver proactive and personal customer engagement. This is critical on social channels simply because consumers have more brands to choose from, are mobile-first and demand real time engagement. For example, if a customer is complaining on FB Messenger they do not want to be told to call customer service. Resolution should happen within the channel of choice for the consumer, not the brands. Additionally, being proactive with customers where they are offers the same close emotional connectedness and immediacy they experience elsewhere on social channels.

Client Base
Because of its unique offering, the company targets any B2C industry that deals directly with its consumers. In 2016, Conversocial focused its efforts heavily on travel and transportation, hospitality and telecommunications as well as ecommerce. Its biggest clients range from tier one telecommunication companies such as Sprint, to major international and domestic airline carriers like Ryanair and Alaskan Air.

Conversocial gets to work with companies from almost any industry. Be it retail with Tesco and Abercrombie and Fitch to transportation like Hertz, Great Western Railway, Audi, or hospitality brands such as Hyatt, its clients are at the heart of everything it does and the company innovates to meet their needs because their industries demand it.

Client Testimonial
“Conversocial has helped humanize our customer service – at scale. We are able to shape conversations in the social/digital space, encourage our representatives to throw their scripts away to maintain the human touch and amplify their individual
personality and out-of-the-box problem solving skills.” – The Bank of Montreal

Global Footprint
Conversocial services all of North America, EMEA, and APAC with offices in the US, UK, and Sydney. Its London offices heads up a team in EMEA and its US team is headquartered in NYC with a new office in Denver to focus on North American clients. The APAC office is located in Sydney, Australia.

“We want consumers to know they are heard and their favorite brands are taking strides to meet them where they are, in real-time.”