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A nationwide digital marketing agency specializing in web design, legal marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and PPC advertising ENX2 Marketing

thesiliconreview-nicole-farber-ceo-founder-enx2-marketing-2017Marketing is crucial to success in the present legal business world. Law firms need to be on top of their marketing game in order to attract target customers. In this era of Smartphones, Smart digital marketing strategies are almost as important as Smart attorneys. It is critical for law firms to identify, anticipate, and satisfy the requirements of their current and future clients. Astute law firms and lawyers realize the importance of digital marketing and are using it effectively to generate new business and enhance their position in the industry. 

With a niche in legal marketing, ENX2 Marketing has had much success in improving the online presence of some of the most elite law firms in the United States. Located in Dallas, Pennsylvania, the company specializes in customized web design and development, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media management, social media marketing and PPC advertising campaigns. ENX2 Marketing’s goal is to make sure that the firms they work for are successful.

Diligent Strategies Assuring Success

ENX2 Marketing has an entire team of award-winning web designer/developers, data analysts, content writers, SEO specialists, social media gurus, and business consultants. ENX2 Marketing is a certified Google Partner and has been named an official City Partner in Google’s Get Your Business Online program. A full service digital marketing company that specializes in legal marketing, the company handles all types of marketing –presentations at firm retreats, consulting, strategy, graphic design, video production, and more – there are four main services that it provides

  • Web design and development
  • Content and intelligent marketing
  • SEO – Search engine optimization
  • PPC advertising/Social media

“Our mission is to provide exemplary digital marketing services to all our clients through hard work, creativity and innovation, keeping them on the forefront of a rapidly changing digital world of technology.”

Speaking With the Visionary Nicole Farber, CEO and Founder of Enx2 Marketing

Can you please help us understand the current market landscape?

The legal industry is experiencing some serious changes as competition heats up for law firms and solo practitioners, as the pace of Big Law expands, and the number of merges increases. The next few years promise to be an exciting time for digital marketing trends for law firms. As we all know, every year, new software, new data capturing methods, and waves of the latest changes of technology emerge that either get used or ignored by law firms across the world. Firms that are listening and implementing are the firms that are gaining momentum and rising above the competition. 

Those who are hesitant and who do not understand the importance of digital marketing are missing out on key opportunities to grow their practices. Any attorney or law firm that can grab the attention of the relevant market through digital media will most likely be retained. The legal industry needs to become more educated on the significance of digital marketing. There are a few areas of change that can make a significant impact in the way law firms integrate digital strategies into their business development and marketing efforts and it needs to be addressed. One of the most important is data analysis. Many don’t know what to do with it and that is a problem. 

As for a positive change in digital marketing, the rise of AI devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home will really change the game. These devices can search the web for a specific question posed by the speaker and if your company is not found on the search engines, then you will be left behind. 

Brief us about the journey of the company from its inception till date.

When I started ENX2 Marketing 4 years ago, I left a job I absolutely loved. I was the director at the Northeast Cancer Wellness Center for many years. I knew in my heart that I was ready to leave the medical field as I returned back to school for IT the last few years of my medical career. I was preparing for a new season of my life taking the biggest risk I have ever taken to start my own company. I put everything I had into a business venture that I thought was going to be the best investment ever. But it didn’t go as I planned and I failed. But that failure forced me into what I am doing now. My friend and attorney, Chris Munley helped me by giving me an opportunity. He asked me to co-chair his Atlas Lawyers Legal Seminar. He convinced me to speak on social media and digital marketing. I struggled but it was exactly what I needed. Within 2 weeks, I signed my first contract and the rest has been an exciting journey in my business venture of legal marketing. 4 years ago, I started with one employee and today we are a team of 8 extraordinary individuals making our way through the industry by storm.

My entire team is amazing. It is because of our combined effort and talents that we are where we are today. I am extremely grateful for their dedication, loyalty, respectfulness, expertise, creativity, innovative planning strategies, speed and most importantly their passion to succeed. We all share the same vision. That is the key to our success. We have continued to grow exponentially each year since inception and we will continue to do so.

What are the pain points of the industry addressed by the company?

First pain point is that there are a lot of marketers out there, many of whom promise the world just to line their pockets. Our clients are always getting requests for marketers promising the moon and stars for a low price. Other firms get taken in by these requests, lose their money and potential clients, and then end up calling us to fix everything and help them get back on track. It is frustrating seeing the cycle. Another issue we face is those who just don’t understand digital marketing. This is one of the reasons why we work with a very selective group of clients. We take the time to explain each part of the marketing strategy we have created for our clients so they fully understand where their money is being spent on and how our marketing will increase their ROI. Then we prove it. 

What are the differentiating factors that set your company apart from its competitors?

It would definitely be my team. ENX2 Marketing wouldn’t be the best legal marketing company without the team we have. We all work together to make sure the client is successful. We all have our specialties, but I know if one of us is busy working on another project or needs extra help in an area, another team member will pick up the slack and continue our 24/7 services.

We are always extremely personable with our clients. It truly is the best feeling in the world for me to know that I am helping someone. Our clients know that if there’s an issue, all they have to do is drop us a line and it will be taken care of immediately. And as I said before, their success is how I measure our success. If one lawyer wins a big case, everyone in the office celebrates knowing that we had the opportunity to play a role in bringing that client and the lawyer together creating a successful outcome. 

“Nicole and her team have guided our law firm from a position of irrelevance and invisibility on the web to a position of prominence and leadership that is second to none. Nicole has accomplished that feat through her supreme intelligence, complete dedication, and brilliant oversight. 

The results of Nicole’s work are extraordinary and transparent to everyone in the firm. The volume of our intakes nationwide has more than doubled in two years. We have almost doubled our staff to keep up with the demand.”

- David Sanford, Chairman, Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP

What are the future prospects for your company?

For ENX2 Marketing, we plan on becoming more educated and knowledgeable, more creative, more innovative and cutting edge, delivering faster, anticipating more needs before they surface, and most importantly, we will continue to exceed our customer service goals. We hope to expand into different locations and continue providing exemplary service to our clients. In addition, we want to continue giving back to our community but in a bigger way. We handle several pro bono accounts as a way to help nonprofits flourish in ways they never would have been able to without help. My biggest passion is encouraging others and helping those who are in need and we will continue to do so every chance we can. 

Words of the Clients

thesiliconreview-google-cover-2017“Nicole Farber is a brilliant strategist, technician and manager—all in one. She’s driven to succeed at the highest level and gives unparalleled support and guidance to her clients. What differentiates Nicole from others is her brilliant vision and complete dedication.” - David Sanford, Chairman, Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP 

“Time and time again, Nicole Farber and her team at ENX2 Marketing deliver results that surpass their client’s expectations. Her knowledge of digital marketing, social media, how it works, what makes it work and more importantly how to execute a strategy that gets her clients the visibility they want is extraordinary. Nicole brings energy and direction to her entire team and they are all responsive in real time all the time.” - Jamie Moss, Founder and President, newsPRos 

Mastermind behind the Masterstroke

Nicole Farber, CEO and founder: A legal marketing expert with focus on social media, SEM, SEO, web development and design, data interpretation and analytics, along with business relations, Nicoleis an established Google Partner, and a member of the American Bar Association as well as a member of its Client Development and Marketing Forum Committee of the Law Practice Division. Nicole has consulted with more than 50 law firms nationwide with their digital marketing efforts. She has helped more than 400 individual attorneys achieve success and helped grow their practices. In 2016, she and her team at ENX2 Marketing won an International Davey Award presented by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. Most recently, Nicole was nominated for the 2017 North American EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program. With a passionate team to help you get your business off the ground, Nicole is there every step of the way. Quality before quantity is her motto. Nicole makes sure her company only takes on a select number of clients. To Nicole, marketing is a personal experience. Her clients range from solo practitioners to midsize firms such as Munley Law to nationwide practices such as Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP.

Nicole’s passion doesn’t end with her work. A single mother who dotes on her only child, Nikolus, Nicole’s favorite pastime is watching her son play sports. In the past, she has helped cancer patients find peace with their disease and helped the mentally challenged. She also worked with many of the local helping women and single mothers in Guyana, South America, teaching different aspects of business development and computer skills. She plans to return very soon. 

“We thrive on the fact that we have the opportunity to work with such brilliant and dedicated individuals who are working to provide justice and relief for the American people. It is quite the privilege to be part of something bigger than ourselves and we are most certainly blessed.” Nicole Farber, CEO

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