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A Step Ahead Of the Crowd: Crossix Empowers Healthcare Marketers in Ways That Others Can't


Crossix empowers healthcare companies and companies that care about health to plan, measure and optimizes their marketing and communication initiatives. Fueled by its Distributed Data Network (DDN) technology and the industry’s most comprehensive set of health and non-health data, which encompasses more than 250 million U.S. consumers, Crossix analytics inform strategic decisions, maximize business results, and drive improved patient outcomes.

Crossix connects Rx, OTC, CPG, clinical, medical claims, hospital, consumer and media data with best-in-class privacy safeguards far exceeding HIPAA requirements. Through an unrivaled commitment to innovation and its first-of-their-kind partnerships, Crossix offers an expansive suite of the audience and media optimization solutions across programmatic advertising, addressable TV, mobile marketing, search, Point of Care, and beyond. Founded in 2004, Crossix is headquartered in New York City.

Driving Success across the Entire Healthcare Ecosystem

Crossix works with pharmaceutical companies, agencies, publishers, data companies, and more. Its clients cut across many disciplines, but they all have one thing in common — a desire to improve their businesses. Crossix helps them do so through the use of innovative analytics. It works closely with its clients to provide groundbreaking, HIPAA-compliant solutions that turn even the toughest business challenges into success stories.

Pharmaceutical Companies

“We understand the pressure to improve performance and drive ROI.”

Now more than ever, pharmaceutical brand and enterprise teams are expected to maximize campaign performance and demonstrate marketing ROI. So Crossix has developed solutions that are revolutionizing audience activation and multichannel campaign measurement—helping clients meet demands while protecting patient privacy.


“Delivering indispensable value to clients is your top priority.”

Crossix understands this. In today’s competitive environment, developing and nurturing valuable healthcare client relationships means delivering more — more efficiency, more ROI, more results. Its solutions empower you to demonstrate that you’re reaching the right audiences, optimizing performance and driving incremental sales. In other words, it has developed solutions with your distinct needs in mind to give you more control with streaming data that instills confidence among your key clients.

OTC/CPG Manufacturers

“We understand your OTC patients from an Rx and medical point of view.”

Crossix’s ability to integrate Rx, medical and OTC/CPG purchase data helps you understand your audience in ways you never could before. Its solutions provide insight into which of your customers were previously taking Rx medications and what the effect of POC, Digital and TV campaigns is on driving incremental sales. Crossix connects the dots so that you can finally understand your customers and how they act from an Rx, medical and OTC/CPG standpoint. It has created solutions that empower you to accurately target consumers, measure campaign performance and understand incremental sales lift. And that gives your OTC or CPG brand a powerful advantage.

Media Companies

“Proving that your ad inventory delivers results is critical.”

Whether you’re an online or print publisher, ad network, cable/satellite TV provider or Point of Care marketing vendor, you need to demonstrate that you can reach advertising clients' target audiences and impact sales. Crossix’s solutions help you stay competitive by leveraging deep data and analytics that resonate with advertisers.

Healthcare Companies

“Access to deep consumer data and insights that yield results.”

Crossix knows that pharmacies, health plans, providers and distribution companies need easy, on-demand access to comprehensive data about their patients and customers. And with its audience and campaign information available across your enterprise, you can create more effective segmentation-driven experiences and communications, while driving improved health outcomes and business results.

Data Companies

“Connecting our data to yours.”

Crossix strongly believes that analytics becomes more valuable when you combine assets, making connections across different categories of data. By combining its data with yours, you can identify new revenue streams and deliver incremental value to your clients. From risk assessment to database scoring to connecting front-of-the-store (OTC) to back-of-the-store (Rx) sales, it can empower you to utilize your data fully.

Crossix’s Data-Powered Solutions: Moving the Industry Forward

Today, the healthcare industry moves faster than ever. To make effective decisions, you need insights based on evidence. Powered by deep data analytics, Crossix provides proven solutions for business and marketing optimization.

Strategic & Media Planning

Crossix Intelligence solutions are designed to identify the right media inventory to reach audiences more efficiently. They reveal more than ever before — about your target audience, your competitors’ customers, and condition-specific market dynamics. With data-driven tools, like patient profiles based on real health behavior, you can plan and execute smarter, more effective campaigns.

Audience Targeting

Your audiences are out there, but finding them requires smarter strategies. Crossix Connect solutions can help. Using consumer information and relevant treatment data, it goes beyond conventional demographic and geographic targeting to help you reach the most qualified audience more efficiently, minimizing waste and stretching media budgets further. And it helps you do it across channels.

Multi-Channel Measurement

Healthcare marketers want to know: “How does my campaign affect patient behavior?” Crossix has the answer. The Crossix Impact solutions leverage real Rx data, so you can measure campaign impact on key criteria, like brand conversion and adherence. Plus, you get actionable insights that help you optimize your efforts –– and your ROI.

Savings Offer Program Optimization

Whether yours is reaching its full potential. Find out with the Crossix Savings Offer Optimization suite of solutions. These solutions let you monitor performance and benchmark your program against competitors’, so you can deliver more value than ever before.

The Key Executive

Asaf Evenhaim, Co-founder, CEO and Board Member: Asaf started Crossix in 2004 with over 10 years’ experience in healthcare marketing and technology businesses. He was named to the PharmaVOICE 100 which recognizes the 100 most influential people in the life sciences industry. Most recently, he was recognized as a PM360 ELITE honoree.

Asaf served for four years in the Israeli Navy Intelligence Unit. He holds a B.Sc., cum laude, in Mathematics and Computer Science, from Tel Aviv University.

“We’re committed to helping companies better understand and more effectively reach their audiences, analyze health outcomes, measure sales lift, and maximize program ROI. While others claim to do what we do, only Crossix possesses the proven experience and expertise across a wide breadth of clients, channels, and campaigns.”