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More than giving an advice: NOVAD Management Consulting improves your business growth and accelerates your productivity


Management consultancies support their clients in many ways, from helping them structure their business models, cut costs, predict risk, to strengthening and streamlining their internal operations, managing talent, staying compliant, and recruiting staff. Increasingly, this has involved helping clients stay ahead of the curve when adopting digital technologies, or adapting to rapidly shifting geopolitical situations. While the global economy seems to be slowing down and experiencing a cut-throat competition at the same time, partnering with an expert management consulting service provider is becoming very crucial. In light of the preceding, we introduce you to NOVAD Management Consulting.

Founded in 2003, NOVAD has built a reputation for excellence in consulting services by applying its corporate values of collaboration, best practices, and high performance to all of their endeavors. NOVAD takes pride in their ability to mesh seamlessly with an organization and provide innovative solutions using a carefully calibrated approach to problem-solving. NOVAD delivers unparalleled value and cost-effective and timely solutions so that your business can reach the highest performance possible. NOVAD brings innovative methodologies and extensive experience with various contract support activities within the Private and Federal sectors.

In conversation with E. Davon Kelly, CEO, and Founder of NOVAD Management Consulting Expertise is the first and most significant advantage of the right business consultant.

Q. How do you source the right talents to maintain the quality of your knowledge?

The Business Consultant primarily and unequivocally has to be subject matter expert. It’s that expertise combined with the right drive and vision that will set that individual as well the company he/she represents apart from others. To source the right talent, I look for consultants with an entrepreneurial and initiative mindset, inquisitive, resourceful, and customer-focused. To find talent that fits this formula, our team has a structured interview process, where we thoroughly review the resume to assess past accomplishments, professional recommendations to validate experience, and hiring assessment tools to determine organizational fit.

Q. Is it essential to break the myopic view to remain unbiased and stay focused on objectives?

I don’t think an individual has to break the myopic view to remain viable. The strength of any organization is its staff, and most leaders within that staff are selected because of their independent quality and vision. If the right staff is selected, they are easily able to combine the sometimes-myopic view with that of the objectives of NOVAD to create success.

Q. How do you contribute to multiplying productivity/profits?

As the leader and visionary of NOVAD, productivity and profit are the primary objectives. By simply ensuring we are meeting our client’s needs, studying industry trends, and creating the optimal environment and tools for success for our employees has allowed me to contribute to each of the areas of productivity and profit. After 17 years of business, this formula has proven successful, and I believe with simple tweaks here and there, this blueprint is sustainable for many years to come.

Q. Consultants do not come with guarantees, so there is always a possibility that you might not achieve the results you had planned when you had hired them irrespective of the cost. How can businesses overcome this uncertainty?

In a nutshell, entrepreneurship is a professional career based on risk. My goal as the CEO is to minimize the uncertainty by providing all the tools for success for that Consulting- training, job enrichment, personal and professional growth opportunities, development plans, and feedback. This process is not foolproof; however, it significantly increases the probability of consultant’s success.


Q. Strategic business consulting and planning is the process of creating a set of offensive and defensive business maneuvers designed to increase and keep a competitive advantage over your competition. How do help businesses stay ahead of the curve?

For businesses to stay ahead of the curve, you must follow the core competencies of the organization. It is imperative to communicate industry and government trends to the managerial and front-line staff so that they can discuss and collaborate with the client. This allows our consultants to bring those trends to the client to show value continually and be the subject matter expert. This allows our business consultants to be well-positioned to seize new opportunities within the client’s business.

Q. Many business managers and executives question the value of management consultants. How do you protect their interest?

Successful Management Consultants meet the client’s need. When done well, that consultant becomes a seamless team member of the client’s team. NOVAD’s Management Consultants are an extension of our clients; therefore, it is imperative, and NOVAD takes the position to assist and advocate for that client’s success. In the process, we become one unit with the client versus them.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

NOVAD’s core service offerings have been around Project Management and Business Analysis, Administrative Support, and Asset/Loan Portfolio Management. Recently we expanded these services to include Executive Coaching and Organizational Training programs. Traditionally, these programs were delivered on-site. However, more and more customers are seeking online, web-based training solutions. It is essential to have a comprehensive suite of training solutions in the medium that is most conducive to our client’s needs. By offering via web-based training, our clients and their teams have great access to training and content. Lastly, I am in the process of developing a corporate internship program to bring the students of my 13th Man non-profit organization into the business to gain skills and exposure to the corporate world and start them on the path to game-changers of the business world.

Man behind the success of NOVAD Management Consulting

Since 2003, Davon Kelly has grown his premier business, NOVAD Management Consulting from a one-man shop to a multi-million-dollar company employing over 150 employees and consultants in the Washington, DC metro area, and throughout the United States. Before establishing NOVAD, Davon Kelly garnered over 15 years of experience in commercial banking, general accounting services, organizational assessments and project management with both the Federal Government and large private industry organizations. The socially-conscious entrepreneur provides this same level of passion and business support to community organizations. In 2014, Davon founded The 13th Man. The 13th Man is a youth leadership development program that elevates the lives of young men through empowerment, personal development, and leadership engagements. Davon Kelly has a B.S. degree in finance from Florida Tech University and a Master’s Degree in business administration from Bowie State University.


“Engage NOVAD as your workforce multiplier when seeking an outside perspective, best practices, specific expertise, creativity and additional resources.”