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IMMP means Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform, and it’s the latest technology available to maintenance managers. Like the name itself suggests, these platforms combine maintenance management with artificial intelligence (AI) to collect equipment data and turn it into valuable insights. As to why they’re called platforms rather than maintenance software, it’s because they can integrate other tools and even hardware, making it a vibrant, live maintenance system instead of a static bubble. You would imagine industrial maintenance started with the Industrial Revolution. But you’d be wrong. Back then, maintenance was virtually non-existent. Nope, not even reactive maintenance! The mindset was pretty much “use it until it breaks” and replace it in the end. Then again, those were simpler times, without the tight deadlines or schedules of today. Things started to change at the beginning of the 20th century. Henry Ford’s assembly line came together in 1913. In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, there was a new-found need to repair rather than replace. By the 30s and 40s, some parts were replaced at given time intervals whether they need to be or not, creating a time-based maintenance of sorts for the first time. Like all other technology before it, intelligent platforms emerged out of need. The expression “Industry 4.0” was coined in 2011, and it’s a broad reference to the undeniable automation and data exchange trend. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, we started tracking much more data than before – so much so that we don’t always know what to do with it. Infraspeak is an Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform that brings your entire operation together. Gain full control and the flexibility to build a custom maintenance management solution capable of answering your own operational challenges. Online. Offline. Behind a desk or in the field. Infraspeak connects your team to your plans, your plans to your goals, and your goals to the intelligent maintenance you need to take your operation into the future.

Intelligent Maintenance Starts Here

IMMPs go one step ahead because they go beyond recording data; they convert it into intelligent suggestions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is useful to automate tasks and workflows, find patterns, and bring your attention to things that you might have missed otherwise. Your inputs are still very much needed, but AI learns from them and gets more and more accurate with the data you feed it. The history of maintenance has a clear takeaway: the importance of maintenance rose with each industrial revolution. Every time companies felt they had to improve their service, maintenance was up to the challenge. In the competitive world of today, with calls for even greater control of production times and more pressure to get return on investment, maintenance managers find themselves in a jigsaw puzzle to achieve near-zero downtime. And, as always, progress requires innovation, ingenious technology, and willingness to take risks. An Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform gives managers a chance to do more with practically the same. Automation and smart suggestions make it possible to be “everywhere at once”, while data collection, connectivity, and centralised systems enable improved control over equipment, maintenance teams, and costs. Any Infraspeak user inside your organisation can create a work order.

One platform, all maintenance

While managers and technicians report through their working interfaces, other users can do it via Infraspeak Direct. Work orders get automatically assigned to the right technician according to their specialisation. For instance, when adding a work order in an electrical system, an electrician will be notified! Any Infraspeak user inside your organisation can create a work order. While managers and technicians report through their working interfaces, other users can do it via Infraspeak Direct. Create and export reports with activity summaries and relevant data. Infraspeak will also generate preventive maintenance reports such as work orders, equipment lists, tasks, readings and more. With Infraspeak’s Stock Management module, managers can easily check the quantities of every item in all the different warehouses, with updates in real time. Register materials usage and automatically deduct quantities from your listed stock. With Infraspeak you can associate materials to work orders or preventive jobs. Gain access to all stock movements and know exactly when, where, and how many of your materials have been used on which maintenance interventions.

Felipe Ávila da Costa, Founder & CEO

“At Infraspeak, we believe in simplicity as the ultimate way to improve lives and work”