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Action1 Corporation: Provider of a Cloud-Based RMM Platform that Enables Organizations to Manage Their Remote Endpoints Easily and Securely

“Thanks to its cloud-based nature, Action1 RMM scales up easily and works equally fast whether an organization has to manage 100 endpoints or 100,000.”

Action1 Corporation provides a cloud-based solution for remote monitoring and management (RMM) that includes automated patch management, remote desktop access, software deployment and distribution, IT asset inventory, network monitoring, reporting, and more. Action1 RMM makes it easy for organizations to enable high user productivity, ensure security and compliance, and optimize IT workloads.

Action1 Corporation is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Interview Excerpt: Alex Vovk & Mike Walters

Could you describe your typical management style and the type of employee that works well with you?

Alex Vovk: I would describe our managerial style as visionary and democratic. Since Action1 is a fast-growing company, we treat employees as co-founders — we give them room to grow and the opportunity to express themselves. Such an approach helps us attract and retain highly qualified and ambitious professionals. We avoid micromanaging our employees. Instead, we share our vision of our business and the desired outcomes, and empower them to set goals and strategies within their areas of responsibilities themselves. At the same time, both Mike and I are always approachable and open to questions. If anyone has a problem, we are always ready to help.

Mike Walters: Diversity, equality, and entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of our culture. At Action1 Corporation, we hire people with diverse backgrounds and experiences who can bring different perspectives and ideas to our business. We've established a culture of openness and trust to ensure that individuals collaborate effectively to create value through products that fully meet our customers' needs.

How did you come up with the idea of creating Action1 Corporation?

Alex Vovk: In 2018, organizations worldwide were rapidly adopting cloud technologies to gain benefits such as the flexibility to use geographically distributed teams for their projects. However, legacy tools for managing and supporting endpoints within the corporate perimeter were ineffective for supporting mobile workers. They were centralized and ran on a server that an organization deployed in-house. Therefore, organizations struggled to provide their remote endpoints with proper IT management and support. This situation led to increasing demand for cloud-based solutions for remote monitoring and management (RMM) of endpoints, like the one that Action1 provides.

Мike Walters: Because we foresaw the demand for cloud-based RMM solutions, we came up with the idea of creating Action1 RMM. This cloud-based platform empowers organizations to manage their remote endpoints easily and securely. Before creating Action1 Corporation, we built Netwrix. This successful technology company is well known for its platform for data security and risk mitigation. In fact, we incorporated more than 20 years of experience in technology and cybersecurity into creating a robust and secure RMM platform. Last year, we experienced 2,756% growth, as Action1 RMM empowered companies to switch to remote work during the pandemic without impacting the security and efficiency of their operations.

Please help us understand how Action 1 Corporation brings a modern approach to make IT tasks and service delivery more efficient.

Alex Vovk: Action1 RMM is a cloud-based solution that streamlines remote IT management. It automates patch management, software deployment, asset inventory, IT support, and other key IT tasks. The truth is, the lack of a robust approach for managing remote endpoints puts an organization at serious cybersecurity risk. For example, the inability to roll out updates to remote endpoints on time can leave employees' devices with critical vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. What is worse, if the compromised machine is logged into the corporate network, hackers might infect the network, too. Action1 RMM dramatically reduces that risk by enabling prompt, automated patch deployment.

Mike Walters: Action1 Corporation arms IT teams with a solution that enables them to automate a significant portion of their IT tasks. They can deploy software, manage updates, and remove software that is no longer necessary — all remotely. Moreover, they are able to run PowerShell scripts to perform maintenance tasks on their endpoints. Last but not least, Action1 RMM includes a built-in Remote Desktop that empowers IT teams to provide remote users with office-quality IT support. 

Why do IT pros and MSPs choose Action 1 RMM?

Alex Vovk: IT professionals in internal IT departments appreciate Action1 RMM because it is an all-in-one solution with a full set of remote monitoring and management features. Plus, Action1 RMM is very cost-effective as it eliminates the need to purchase additional third-party software. Many IT professionals say that the built-in Remote Desktop is particularly beneficial.

Mike Walters: Action1 RMM is also ideally suited for MSPs. Unlike most RMM tools, Action1 RMM is a cloud-native SaaS solution, so organizations do not have to install anything locally. In fact, IT teams can manage their endpoints from any device that has a browser. Plus, Action1 RMM scales up easily and works equally fast whether an organization has to manage 100 endpoints or 100,000. MSPs can easily use Action1 RMM to manage and support all of their customers' remote endpoints with such a capability. MSPs also appreciate the platform's flexible user experience features. In particular, Action1 RMM enables MSPs to grant different permissions to admins within each managed organization, and to manage dozens of customers from one console.

What new endeavors is your company currently undertaking?

Alex Vovk: We are committed to continuously improving our product based on market analysis and customer feedback.

Mike Walters: We plan to enhance our platform further. Please expect releases of new features that will empower our customers to improve their remote IT management even further.

Who are your clients? Can you provide us with one or two case studies describing the challenges your clients were facing and how your solutions helped them overcome those challenges?

Alex Vovk: Action1 RMM serves organizations and MSPs from different verticals of all sizes. It is especially popular among small and medium organizations because it is a cost-effective solution that is easy to deploy and use. One of our clients' most common challenges is managing updates and software for their remote endpoints after shifting to remote work.

Mike Walters: For example, one software company headquartered in California struggled to manage its 200+ remote endpoints when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the entire organization switched to remote work. To remedy the situation, they deployed Action1 RMM. They use it to automate patch management across their remote endpoints and provide their employees with remote IT support. Since the company's offices are located worldwide, Action1 RMM empowers its IT team to install updates on different schedules during the night based on local time. As a result, the organization maintains the security of its remote operations and ensures user productivity.

The Leaders Upfront

Alex Vovk: Alex is the CEO and co-founder of Action1 Corporation. He has more than 20 years of business and technology experience and holds a Ph.D. in information security. Before Action1, Alex was a co-founder of Netwrix, whose visibility platform for cybersecurity and risk mitigation is helping more than 10,000 customers. Alex lives in Irvine, CA, with his wife and three children.


Mike Walters: Mike is the President of Action1 Corporation and is responsible for product strategy. Previously, he was co-CEO and co-founder of Netwrix. His go-to-market strategy, sales, and evangelism helped build a very successful cybersecurity business. Mike lives in Laguna Beach, CA, and has three children. He is an avid surfer and philanthropist who cares about environmental protection.

"We help organizations support and secure their remote workforces by automating patch management, software deployment, asset inventory, IT support, and other critical IT tasks."

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