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Agile, No-code, Enterprise-grade solution to revamp your paperwork-based processes into a paperless powerhouse: EasySend


The Digital Paperless Office remained a dream for more than four decades. Business Week made the first mention of a paperless office in 1975, and it has been a worthy goal for businesses around the world to pursue since then. Despite the propaganda, our reliance on paper has only continued to increase with no signs of stopping. The growing dependence on paper has a serious impact on the productivity and efficiency of the business. Apart from slowing down the business, paperwork can also create confusion and increase the error-rate. The majority of the knowledge worker’s time is spent on creating, editing, and preparing the documents.

Moving to Digital Workflows, Communications, and Employee-Based Services is a better way to deal with inefficient, paper-based systems. EasySend was founded by three Financial and Tech industry veterans who experienced the adverse effects of clunky paperwork-based processes firsthand and decided to do something about it. EasySend is a no-code platform for building and optimizing enterprise-grade digital customer journeys and workflows. The mission is to put an end to inefficient manual internal processes and frustrating paperwork in the insurance industry and financial services. EasySend empowers business users to easily and quickly build complex digital journeys with a powerful Drag & Drop builder and Kadabra AI, a proprietary AI tool that accelerates the development of customized, easy-to-complete, branded customer journeys. Moreover, EasySend provides a set of tools for continuously optimizing digital journeys, improving efficiency, and maximizing ROI. EasySend’s enterprise-grade platform is built with the highest security and compliance standards and integrates with any internal systems, as well as third-party tools, apps, and services. By reducing the friction associated with paperwork, EasySend helps clients make customer data collection, processing, and digital product delivery simple and enjoyable for all.

EasySend was founded in 2016, and it is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In conversation with Tal Daskal, CEO and Co-Founder of EasySend

Q. What motivated you to address the challenge faced by organizations regarding paperwork?

At the bottom of the ladder of digital transformation is a manual and paper-based process. Such processes require manual data entry, which can be time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone, causing friction for both the customers and the employees. Any business that has to collect data and signatures from customers can significantly improve processes, productivity, and reduce costs by moving away from paper-based documentation to digital journeys. No-code tools such as EasySend help create user-friendly digital journeys without writing a single line of code, enabling enterprises to engage with customers, gather data, optimize and drive revenue growth.

Q. Do you think your services are ready to cater the needs of never ending digital transformation?

In the current environment, insurers are being forced to go from having no digital customer support solution to migrating everything online with a self-service option and never-seen-before urgency. No-code solutions such as EasySend are uniquely positioned to help financial enterprises achieve just that in a limited timeframe.

Q. Many organizations are adamant about digitally transforming their operations. Do you think digital transformation is mandatory for modern organizations for increased customer experience?

Absolutely, if before the Coronavirus pandemic some organizations had been under the illusion that they still can get away with outdated, manual, and paper-based processes, this illusion is completely shattered right now. Legacy system update projects that have been put on the backburner for years are now fast-tracked in order to ensure business continuity in the new reality. It is not enough to simply be digital, but it is paramount to think of digital transformation from within the framework of business objectives. Today, the customer must be put in front and center for any company aiming for growth.

Q. Digital transformation may lead to increased security issues. How do you help your clients to overcome this challenge?

The EasySend no-code development platform is a practical solution for insurance companies chasing rapid digital transformation without compromising the security and safety of their data. The platform is built with the highest security and compliance standards, including GDPR, SOC2 Type II, and ISO27001.

Q. How efficient is your digital transformation expertise? Do you have qualified individuals who can keep your service standards up and running?

Executives are crucial to the success of any digital transformation. When performed correctly, digital transformation should touch everyone within an organization because it isn’t just about technology. It’s about a change in mindset – a mindset that is focused on the customer’s journey. The EasySend team is highly qualified for the mission at hand - to transform the way financial service enterprises communicate with their customers through fully digital, responsive, user-friendly digital journeys.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Our roadmap includes advanced features such as auto-optimizations, more design flexibility, and expanding the range of pre-made templates to help our clients achieve an even faster time to market.

Q. What are your future plans for the development of your company?

After achieving a 90% market share in the Israeli financial services market, EasySend is now actively expanding in the United States and EMEA and APAC regions.

Meet the leader behind the success of EasySend

Tal Daskal is the CEO and Co-Founder of EasySend, a SaaS company based in Tel-Aviv, New York, and EMEA. Daskal is an expert on all things digital transformation in banking and insurance and is a passionate advocate for the paradigm shift towards no-code application development in the financial sector.

“Turn boring paperwork into omnichannel digital journeys that your customers can easily fill on any device. Digitize hundreds of complex workflows quickly and easily.”