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Aland Acuna, Acuna Consulting Inc CEO: ‘We Help Business Leaders Understand Thoroughly What it Takes to Drive Transformational Change in Today’s Era’


“We will show you the value of business Agility by helping you transform your organization structurally and culturally, maximizing the impact of your investment in agile methods.”

In a recent study, 68 percent of companies identified Agility as one of their most important initiatives. But how do you define corporate agility in today’s market? More importantly, how does it drive business growth in today’s volatile, ever changing market? Today’s rapidly changing business landscape is largely dictated by innovation and digital disruption. Change is happening quickly and it’s forcing businesses to evolve. In order to survive in this new environment, businesses must be Agile and focus on responding to the increasingly high expectations of its customers.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Acuna Consulting Inc.

Acuna Consulting is an Agile solutions company that focuses on coaching, consulting and training in the areas of Enterprise Agile Transformation, Leadership and Cultural Development, Test Automation, and DevOps.

The company was incorporated in 2015 and is headquartered in College Park, Maryland.

Aland Acuna, Acuna Consulting Inc CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Why was the company set up? How did you select the vertical and decide to be a part of the global platform?

Acuna Consulting Inc was created to solve the major challenges in today’s market. Our purpose is to help both private organizations and government entities in the art of strategizing, optimizing and capitalizing on outcomes. By focusing on their business agility strategy and implementation, we help them tackle and solve their product delivery, speed to market, and budget dilemmas. And we do that with a thorough understanding that not all companies or organizations are alike in size or structure but all strive for results and customer/user satisfaction.

Q. Tell us about your first product that was launched.

Our Agile Sense™ model was our first product launch here in the US. We saw the need for guidance in both the public and private sectors when it came to leading Agile transformations and we knew we have the answer to that issue. Agile Sense™ was created to help business leaders understand thoroughly what it takes to drive transformational change in today’s era.

Q. What were the grounds on which you have expanded your company and its offerings over the years?

We started as an Agile consulting firm and very quickly expanded our capabilities into the Training sector, as well as the DevOps and Test Automation. The latter allows us to offer a complete agile solution to the companies interested in getting either their IT departments, or hopefully their entire organization to start delivering products faster, become more efficient, and improve their team member engagement and culture. We developed our own trademarked process and now can proudly say that helping executives and change agents develop their Agile Sense™ is something feasible and implementable after taking our Enterprise Agile Leadership Master Class. Knowing how and where to infuse Agile Oxygen™ in one’s organization is crucial during times of transformations. And we firmly believe we can teach, coach, and consult you on how to implement a successful Agile transformation that will not alienate your team members but will get them rather invigorated instead.

Q. What do you feel are the reasons behind:

Your product popularity: The quality of our products in addition to their price efficiency. And kindly don’t mistake price point with price efficiency. Take our Enterprise Agile Leadership Masterclass, for example. The price for it is relatively high as it is a two-certification course. But what gives us an edge is the added value we give to our participants -- we organize luncheons and dinners with C-level executives with vast experience in the world of Agile, so our group gets as much real-live exposure and feedback from successes and failures. We implement a lot of accelerated learning techniques that allow for quick digestion and retention of information. We also, whenever possible, bring in sketch artists as a visual aide, rather than using the good old put you to sleep presentations. With every product we offer, we try to do something that is not being done, something that will bring extra value to our customers.

Your consistence growth as an organization: Being able to retain your customers while acquiring new ones is of vital importance, but this isn’t an earth-shattering revelation. We all know that; executing it is the difficult part. Our key to successful and consistent growth is our incredible team. Our team members know how to listen, understand what our clients need, and at times even create a custom solution that the client didn’t think of or asked for but that we know would be a better fit for them. We are not afraid to look into what’s going on -- both good and bad and course-correct right then and there. And our clients know that.

Keeping your team and your solutions up to date on market trends and demand is another crucial element to organizational growth. Knowing what’s going to be the next big thing on the market, even better yet- creating that niche product guarantees your team and your company growth every step of the way. And that’s what we do. We know what we are good at and we stick to it. We don’t try to be just good in all areas. We want to be great at the few things we do. We have multiple streams of delivery -- private and public trainings, government sector consulting, private sector consulting, and membership websites. But all of these vehicles deliver the same product -- Agility. Diversify your field of business without trying to be Jack of all trades -- it just doesn’t work for small companies.

Q. Do you have any new products ready to be rolled out into the market?

This year, we will be launching our model for Agile Sense™, a leadership coaching toolkit, with a book. The Enterprise Agile Leadership Masterclass will begin its first US tour so look for it in a town near you. And we are also going to launch the Elite Agilist Membership site that will help the Agile community get quick access to Agile Thought leaders, white papers, Vlogs and Blogs on the hottest and trendiest everything-Agile there is on the market.

Q. Where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

We are looking forward to growing as a small business supporting both government and commercial clients in the field of Agile, Software development, DevSecOps, cloud implementations, AI, and Machine Learning technologies. We are also focused on expanding our footprint globally with our trademarks, trainings, workshops, and, of course, our book. Last but not least, we are aiming high for Elite Agilist website; expecting 500,000+ subscribers.

Aland Acuna: A Charismatic Entrepreneur

Aland Acuna is the CEO of Acuna Consulting Inc. He is a Lean-Agile Enterprise Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. His passion is creating fun and memorable learning experiences that spark creativity and innovation in the learners. Aland has found that the way we learn is directly reflected in how we are taught, and this is why he has always loved using various brain science-based principles and accelerated learning techniques to enhance his trainings with executive, management, and development teams. Aland is a TBR Trainer, ICAgile authorized trainer and Scaled Agile Consultant, SPC 4. As an expert facilitator, he has helped create and implement Agile transformation strategies for numerous programs and teams. He has also led trainings in Design Thinking, Team Dynamics, DevOps implementation, Test Driven Development Strategies, and Agile Leadership workshops.

“We developed our own trademarked process and now can proudly say that helping executives and change agents develop their Agile Sense™ is something feasible and implementable after taking our Enterprise Agile Leadership Master Class.”