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OPERR is the First All-In-One Comprehensive Management Platform


Ride-hailing and the transport businesses are on the rise with the expansion of the mobile economy in the cities everywhere. But these companies are in need of innovations that will help them float their businesses online. The OPERR® Platform provides taxi, car service, non-emergency medical transportation or any para-transit business with a complete cloud-based platform to process trip bookings from various sources, dispatch vehicles, manage their fleet and bill their accounts.

Operr Group is the first all-in-One Transportation and office management platform that provides software service. It provides comprehensive services and platforms comprising of dispatching, billing, phone system, office management and much more.

The company has been a disruptive force in the transportation space lately. And its innovations are powering many promising businesses. We interviewed Kevin Wang, the CEO of Operr Group, Inc., to know more about how the company is solving the industry’s greatest challenges through its cutting edge platform. Read on for the excerpts from the interview.


Q. While using a digital log book companies can read these records and chastise already fatigued drivers who don’t meet their minimum. How can we overcome this?

We send trips to the drivers based on their job performance and the average amount of the trips that they usually receive from our base. We do not give them more than they can handle and we make sure that the smooth communication flows between the drivers and the base. Our system is highly customizable and user-friendly; thus, the drivers can choose the number of trips they want to accept based on their own schedule.

Q. How does data help you in evaluation of industry developments?

All our data is safely secured in our self-developed cloud base, it not only has a tremendous amount of storage to store all information for evaluation, but it is also secure and effective. We take all data seriously because each one of them is a key component for our industry development evaluation – in order to develop and to find out the most customizable and user-friendly application.

Q. There are other solution providers in this segment. How do you distinguish your services?

We are the most user-friendly, customizable and the first all-in-One Transportation and office management platform that provides software service. We are a safer option, lesser of a business risk, and more profitable. Our technology is completely disruptive and is going to change the industry by reducing more than 90% labor source.

Q. Tell us in brief about your data-driven approach for developing solutions.

Based on our dispatching experience with the drivers and passengers, we noticed that it would be more suitable to have a customizable application to support the relationship between the driver, passenger and dispatcher. We offer this through our user-friendly and on-demand solutions for all customers to let them choose the categories that they applied for, such as the favorite driver, the block list and the customized time plus location. This has substantially helped in building up the bridge to connect all drivers, passengers and dispatchers.

Q. What are the security measures implemented by you to secure your solutions?

We at OPERR understand that in the 21st century security must be at the forefront of every digital product or service we offer. We take security and our infrastructure very seriously. All of OPERR’s services are hosted on OPERR’s own hardware. Our hardware infrastructure is secured inside a locked data center facility with round-the-clock security. All of our applications and their supporting networks have been meticulously tested to ensure security, integrity and longevity. All of our data is encrypted in 256-bits and transmitted securely.

Q. Risk management is one of the crucial factors to take note of when it comes to logistics. How can you minimize/eliminate the risks involved in logistics?

OPERR technicians are committed to make sure that customer data is never compromised or lost. We have in-house security engineers who monitor the OPERR network round the clock to ensure the safe operation of the OPERR platform for everyone who uses it as well as ensuring regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, etc.).

Q. How do you market your services?

We have a large portfolio of clients and we offer exceptional customer service to keep our current clients and to bring new clients to our team. This has proven to be successful because our customer retention rate is 85% on average. The most effective marketing strategy that has constantly worked for us is to first research who our potential clients are, find out what they want and need, and then approach them. We don’t do aggressive marketing and we have learned that 4 out of 5 times when we approach a new client it won’t be a one-shot close deal so we always make it a priority to follow up with all our potential clients. We currently do B2B marketing and we are now in the development stages to start B2C which I am confident will be a success because of the team that we have. We are also looking at digital marketing more now which is a hit for us.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

OperrExpress, Inc, the most customizable and convenient restaurant listing, delivering and ordering platform that offers the lowest cost platform usage fee, is our latest offering. It not only allows a restaurant to choose the product amount by itself, but also allows the restaurant to choose the deliveryman and driver by themselves for free. Most importantly, it reduces the subscription fee substantially for the restaurant and customers.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Operr Cloud is our self-developed cloud system that does not require other processors. It is a highly secure cloud storage with 24-hour real-time monitoring and inspection that provides convenient and efficient cloud uploads with unlimited extension of cloud server to expand storage capacity.

The Leader

Kevin Wang, Founder and CEO of Operr Group, Inc, Inventor of 21 issued US patents. Kevin is an experienced judo practitioner with second-degree black belt who is the current 2021 National Judo Champion in 90KG. He initiated the First All-in-One comprehensive management platform that provide the most sophisticated B2B Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) for transportation, office management and telecom industry.

“We at OPERR understand that in the 21st century security must be at the forefront of every digital product or service we offer.”

“We are the most User-Friendly customizable and the first All-In-One Comprehensive Management Platform that provides Software-As-A-Service (SAAS).”