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Allied Digital: Delivering Trusted IT Services and Digital Business Solutions That Fuel Customer Business Growth

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. -Colin Powell

Being a trend setter in IT Infrastructural services, Allied Digital has engaged themselves into total outsourcing and as Master Systems Integrator with time. A well renowned leading Global IT Transformation Architect, Allied Digital has been credited for delivering end-to-end IT Infrastructure services and Integrated Solutions.

With over three decades of proven experience Allied Digital responsibly delivers cutting-edge IT services and solutions to a wide range of industries across the globe.

Exclusive Services Offered (ADiCube) ADiInsight – MSI (Master System Integrator)- Allied Digital integrates systems, sub systems and develops integration software. Allied takes up project dimensions like Smart City, Safe City that leverage cutting edge sensor based technologies and deploy massive IT infrastructure. These are large implementation plus long term support contract projects.

ADiInfra – Remote Enterprise Managed Services-
This offering is the DNA of the company for global customers. The service includes enterprise Network, Server, Storage, and Security management. The offering is an offshore model topped with local hypercare services to bring tremendous savings in cost and added value to the customers.

ADiUser – End User Experience-

This offering deals with deploying and supporting to end users services and solutions that enhance today’s end user productivity and allieviate CIO ‘s biggest pain, reliability and just-in-time support.. This constitutes Global Service Desk, Field Support, Mobility Management and End User Analytics. A cloud based virtual workspace solution is innovative concept today.

ADiTaaS- An ITIL based IT service management software platform that orchestrates incidents, change, problem, configuration management of all assets. A comprehensive cloud based offering simplifies IT service management and provisions automation of enterprise operational processes.

ADiApps – Application Development-

Mobile applications, Transformation Projects and Process automation and Business Analytics Solutions in BFSI. These are turnkey projects leveraging new programming tools and agile

ADiCloud- Cloud Navigator
Role – Ready Cloud-enabled services. Application migration to Public Cloud, Infrastructure Transformation

In conversation with the CEO

Allied Digital from 1984 to 2015, how has the journey been?
A 30 plus year old company, commenced in 1984, At that time, we used to serve mainframe customers and sell PCs with support contracts. We have since then served our customers with latest technologies that ensure smooth running of their critical IT backbone operations and impactful projects..

Allied emerged as large player gradually in fulfillment services and maintaining contracts for IT services across India,expanding in mid-nineties to over 100 cities and large towns become one of the biggest IT player to provide IT services as direct support.. From 2000, we also expanded to provisioning systems integration and data center

By 2007-08 we embarked on extensive growth plan, starting remote managed services (NOC) and managed security services (SOC) as we got publicly listed. This enabled us exploring outside India; and we acquired very large services division of company in US. Though our trend was more on it infrastructure over the years but by 2009 we acquired a software division in US to execute turnkey software projects too.

In 2011, we visualized a major change happening in technology and customer’s need to re-align IT to its business. We embarked on a major transformation journey. We cut down on our old IT fulfilment businesses. We embarked on a new service model “SSS”, (Smart technology, Strategic Resourcing and Streamlined Processes) and started focusing on quality services contracts, new business models, and partnerships. We completed our first large private cloud implementation and also put innovation in high gear, developing an integrated service delivery framework platform called ADiTaaS.

In 2012- 2013 we got a big break in deploying a large ADFiTaaS based solution in UK. We got the “innovate” award that year too.

We have been collecting many awards in our services and solutions over the years. We practice to be a trusted advisor and best-of-the-breed product selector for our customers. Our objective is to build long lasting partner relationships with customers and value integrity and trust at the highest level in our engagement.

Shed Light on major project of yours?
A major project of ours recently, has been the “Pune City Surveillance Project”, one of the iconic and the largest of its kind, integrated Safe-City project in India. This also serves as the backbone for Smart-City. The project covers 640 sq. km of pune metro with over 1400 cameras, multiple integrated software, traffic management, GIS, multiple systems integration and state of the art command center. The project success (greatly appreciated by the state government and won the best-project award at national level) was a sheer display of our passion, teamwork and innovation bringing us to soaring heights and new benchmarks. Deploying technology for citizen safety and security, that directly touches a common-man has made us emotional and proud of being part of Digital India initiative.

What is the one thing that differentiates Allied Digital from others in this domain?
What differentiates us from others is that are “We are a partner-in-crisis for our customers, we are flexible to adapt to changing customer business environment and most importantly, we bring about constant innovation leveraging the latest technologies all the time”.

Who are your Big Clients worldwide?
We have gained trusted clients across all verticals be it Government, Healthcare, Banks, Retaurants, Luxury Brands. To name a few, Govt of Maharashtra, Bombay Stock Exchange and few mutual fund companies are our big clients in India.

What is the Road map ahead?
We focus on three areas by 2015-2018. The first is “Accelerator” where our existing service offerings, are re-energized. Our remote managed services get extended to command and control centers, Managed Security Services to move into Risk Management and our end user experience expands in cirtual workspace, mobility and analytics. The next area is “Big Drivers”, where we are focusing on large project initiatives such as Smart City, Safe-city and Digital Infrastructure Projects. Our last area is “New Initiatives”, which focuses on projects for IoT, Business Analytics and Digital Business Processes.

Client’s Testimonial
“We have engaged Allied Digital as our Strategic Business Partner Offshore for IT Infrastructure Services. They have successfully implemented the first phase of Integrated (referenced internally as Enterprise) Service Delivery Framework as a shared service Platform for ourselves and our customers. They are also working with us to transform our environment before transferring the control to the offshore model and extending the platform to include additional functionality.” – One of the leading Multinationals in UK

“We like the Allied Digital Services approach to solving problems. They are candid and flexible while willing to work toward a mutually beneficial solution. All implementations and partnerships will have problems, so the key to success is the ability to work together to resolve them and move forward for the benefit of our end users.”- One of the leading logistics/supply chain firm in USA

Knowing the Key Executive
Paresh Shah, CEO
Carrying 27 year of experience in IT, Paresh graduated from Mumbai University in Electronic Engineering and later on moved to US to peruse masters in Computer Science and continued to work there. He played role of an analyst, consultant and also have several patents in his name. In the year 2002- 03, Paresh moved to India with 12 years of US experience. Prior to joining Allied, he worked with Wipro in India. He carries management diplomas in Marketing and Finance. His exposure in the competitive business environment helps him bring strong expertise in Business Transformation, Enterprise Solutions Architecture, New Business Development, Software Delivery, Consulting and Innovation. Each of the attributes, helping Allied Digitals to soar higher and achieve greater horizons.

“In today’s changing business landscape it is very important to introspect yourself with focus on customers, We have been able to deliver extra value to our customers being innovative and transforming ourselves.-Allied Digital