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10 Best Women Entrepreneurs to Watch 2021

Lisa Falzone, Co-founder and CEO of Athena Security Inc., is striving to make the world a safer place by setting a standard of innovation and philanthropic spirit in everyone


Companies and cities all over world are experimenting with using artificial intelligence to reduce and prevent crime, and to more quickly respond to crimes in progress. The ideas behind many of these projects is that crimes are relatively predictable; it just requires being able to sort through a massive volume of data to find patterns that are useful to law enforcement. This kind of data analysis was technologically impossible a few decades ago, but the hope is that recent developments in machine learning are up to the task.

Athena Security Inc., led by Lisa Falzone is on a mission to save lives and make the world a better place to live. The firm provides hardware and software solutions to accurately detect people moving through your entryway, doorways, or choke points. It uses its computer vision and enterprise alert system to focus on the inner eye which is the closest point to your base body temperature and can detect within ± 0.2°C Accuracy. That alert can be sent to your mobile phone, VMS, Security Platform, and its cloud website. It is fast, frictionless, contactless, and very accurate. Athena has the capability to send proactive alerts to designated officials if an elevated temperature is in fact detected. Moreover, by integrating with VMS, Access Control, and Office Management Software companies, Athena centralizes all relevant information. Athena works with reputable name brands to include the best hardware in its system, such as Apple, Dell, Texas Instruments, and more.

Most reliable products furnished by Athena Security Inc.

Athena’s Elevated Temperature Detection: The System identifies elevated body temperature in a fast, frictionless, and contactless screening. It’s a turnkey solution with complete hardware and software, and is highly accurate (+-0.2℃ accuracy) with an HSRP (Heat Source Reference Point/ Blackbody). It can process the temperatures of over 2,000 people per hour and is able to send proactive alerts so you could be anywhere in the world and receive an alert in real time. Athena currently integrates with major VMS, Office Management Software, and Access Control companies such as Envoy, Avigilon, Genetec, Milestone, and Salient. Furthermore, Athena exceeds the FDA’s guidelines of +-0.5℃ accuracy and also is NDAA compliant. Athena is best utilized as the first of a two checkpoint system, where an elevated temperature that could be a fever is then confirmed by a second FDA-approved medical thermometer.

Gun Detection: Athena was established to prevent mass shootings; its mission is to save lives. The firm has started Athena by leveraging technology that used existing security cameras and AI software to detect visible weapons. Soon after, they expanded to concealed gun detection through high sensitivity infrared thermal sensors that act as an additional deterrent and additional method of finding concealed objects. Through its Gun Detection Systems, it can help stop crime in its tracks. Through Gun Detection Systems, the firm helps stop crime in its tracks.

Dual Gun and Temperature Detection: Athena's Dual Gun and Temperature Detection System functions similarly to its Concealed Gun Detection, it utilizes the same hardware and includes the software for Temperature Detection System. The thermal imaging cameras convert the energy in the infrared wavelength into a visible light display; all objects above absolute zero emit thermal infrared energy, so thermal cameras can passively see all objects, regardless of ambient light. When there is a concealed object under a person's clothing, the thermal camera can possibly see the object, if the temperature differentiation is greater than the sensitivity of the imager. This technology is reliant on the difference in temperature of the object and the radiant infrared thermal emanating from the body printing on the clothing.

Accolades won by Lisa Falzone

  • Named by Business Insider as one of “The 21 Hottest Women-Founded Startups to Watch in 2017”.
  • Named to Tech Crunch’s list of “40 Female Founders Who Crushed it in 2016”.
  • Falzone was recognized by Fortune Magazine as no. 19 on the 40 Under 40 list as well as the Forbes list of Eight Rising Stars.
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women, Named by Business Journal to the Upstart 100 list, Recognized by Fortune Magazine’s list of “40 Under 40,” Honored by Forbes magazine as one of the “Women to Watch – Eight Rising Stars.”
  • Named by Forbes magazine in their “30 Under 30”

The leader behind the success of Athena Security Inc.

Lisa Falzone is the Co-founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Athena Security Inc. Ms. Lisa is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of disrupting out-of-touch industries. In less than a decade she built and scaled the first iPad-based cash register, Revel Systems, to over 700 global employees and tens of thousands of installations spanning five continents. She brought on flagship customers like Royal Dutch Shell, Qantas Airlines, Cinnabon, and Estee Lauder, and led partnerships with Intuit, IBM, and Apple. She has raised 200 m dollars from top tier venture capitalists and private equity firms, and has received numerous government grants based on her track record of high-growth leadership. When she started a family, she knew that she had to do something to reverse the growth in school shootings. She founded Athena so that her daughter could grow up in a safer world.

“Athena is the only company in the market to provide a dual gun and temperature detection system.”