July Special Edition 2021

Augmentus – Revolutionizing the Future of Industrial Automation Across all Robot Applications


Augmentus is an AI-robot programming platform used by the world's leading robotics and advanced manufacturing companies. The company offers a no-code and fully-integrated programming software that enables anyone, even those with no robotic experience, to program dynamic industrial robots in minutes. Its proprietary technology incorporates an intuitive graphical interface on an iPad that eliminates the need for coding and CAD files in robot teaching. Users simply plot robot waypoints or select from a library of templates and its software will generate the most optimized robot paths while checking for singularity, reachability and collision avoidance

Augmentus clients and partners include some of the world's leading robot manufacturers and automation providers where it empowers them to recoup ROI faster by lowering the time, cost and skill barriers in industrial automation. Companies using Augmentus have experienced up to 70 percent cost reduction and 17 times faster deployments across a wide variety of applications, such as spraying, palletizing, welding, and inspections.

Next-Generation AI Robotic automation Solutions Offered

Integrated AI Model Builder and Calibration: Augmentus provides a common programming interface across all industrial robots and cobots. The company supports seamless integration of different robot brands and a variety of equipment’s from sensors, camera arrays, vision systems to grippers and much more. With minimal effort, users can choose the hardware that will best suit their application. Users can either scan the work cell using their desired sensor or import CAD files to generate an interactive simulation environment. Calibration of robot and virtual environment is then completed in less than 30 seconds through one-click calibration process. Augmentus simplifies AI training with its intuitive graphical AI builder interface. Through an iPad, users can annotate datasets with a touch of a pencil, train and build AI inference models, eliminating the need for powerful and expensive computer systems. In-built AI modules enable fast and precise calibration between inference models and robot paths. Users can program dynamic robots that see the world in 3D for high-mix applications.

Intelligent Harvesting: Vertical farming is gaining its importance in urban and developed countries as they try to figure out how to have high production density while maintaining a low footprint. Compared to conventional manual harvesting process, due to the high initial setup cost, indoor farms take significantly longer time to yield profit and return on investment. Thus, automating repetitive tasks using robots are essential for vertical farms. With a no-code and rapid AI-robotics platform, vertical farms can now have a means to cost-effectively automate their harvesting, inspection and pollination processes. Beyond an intuitive and no-code robot programming interface, the Augmentus platform also possesses an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) model builder that enables easy and rapid data annotation, and AI training. This enables robots to identify and operate on fruits and vegetables in 3D without the need for intensive integration and development costs. Augmentus drastically reduces the cost and skill barriers for urban farms to adopt AI-robots, without any technical expertise.

Pipe Welding: Pipe welding today leverages heavily on robotic automation to improve productivity and produce consistent high-quality welds every time. This results in fewer do-overs, defects and better throughput. With no-code AI-robot programming, pipe welding automation processes become simpler and more cost-efficient. Instead of writing countless lines of code to generate robot paths, the Augmentus platform enables the user to plot waypoints with a touch of a pencil, or select from a library of pre-designed robot path templates that snap onto the component to be weld while software algorithms ensure adherence to constant speed and offset, and check for singularity, reachability and collision avoidance. This drastically reduces robot deployment time from weeks to minutes. With Augmentus's easy-to-use and rapid robot programming graphical interface, industrial welding companies can save time.

The Formidable Leader

Leong Yong Shin is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Augmentus. He had setup Augmented and Mixed Reality capability at A*STAR from scratch and pioneered technologies that netted enterprise projects with companies including McKinsey, Shell, SingHealth. Through his dedication to excellence, he was featured on Channels News Asia documentary, represented A*STAR as an adviser for IMDA SDE Roadmap, frequent speaker at prominent conferences.

“Our no-code and fully-integrated robotics platform enables anyone – even those with no robotic experience or programming skills – to develop, deploy and re-purpose robotic systems in minutes.”