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Automate your operations with versatile services from Automate IT Inc.


IT automation is generally the use of instruction to create a repeated that will replace an IT employee’s manual work in cloud deployments and data centers. Appliances, framework, and software tools will carry out tasks without administrator intervention. The scope of automation is not limited and it varies across single actions to discrete sequences and, this will eventually lead up to an autonomous IT deployment that will take actions based on event triggers and user behavior. IT automation and orchestration is two separate terms which are used together. Software tools are used to prescribe and conduct series of actions which are invoked by external or manual trigger. IT automation replaces a sequence of actions and responses between IT environment and administrator. Automate IT Inc, is based in OKC, OK and Nashville, which excels in providing IT services designed to scale and exceed expectations by automation. They are a global, passionate tech savvy team focused on delivering Business results and growth for client’s technology investments. They company’s service delivery methodology is designed to add value and business growth. They achieve this by Simplifying and Automating IT.

Advent and functions

The company was setup with primary focus on Automation of IT Operations, Automation of Business processes such as Finance, HR, Sales and Supply chain. The company integrates all the functionality tools and domains into various automation layers to have a unified UI for all workflows. The company helps businesses achieve multi-dimensional visibility and streamlines the service processes. With automation services from Automate IT Inc. businesses can automate their IT operations without being dependent on different vendors. The main goal of the company is to make businesses understand that when ideas evolve, they can simply everything with automation. The company assures ROI and Service Levels along with Comprehensive IT Managed Services that align to achieve business goals and compliance. The company has now become one of the most trusted sources for its clients because they are continuously seeking to keep the clients aware of challenges and help them prepare for new technologies.

Services offered

Managed IT 360°:

The company provides 24x7 Application & Infrastructure Monitoring for Availability, Performance, Alerts, Logs, Load behavior, and Web Transactions. Along with that they also provide Maintenance Services that include Backup, Patching, Health checks, Fine tuning and Security Assessments.

Product as a Service (PaaS)

Subscription Licenses for all products from Microsoft, Red Hat, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Trend Micro. The service allows you to pay per user or device thus savings of 20% to 55% as compared to any perpetual license investments made. Furthermore the service has Zero upfront costs and investment. Pay for what you use model allows the clients to pay only for what they use, the level of usage depends on clients and the billing amount might increase or decrease on monthly basis. In order to transfer licenses from one system configuration to another, usually your license keys must have an active support/upgrade period. In the service offered by Automate IT Inc. you can migrate from any of your existing licensing programs.

Automation as a Service (AaaS)

Automation implemented as a subscription-based service and delivered via the cloud is referred to as automation-as-a-service. Moreover, the automation-as-a-service model enables organizations to shift from slow manual processes to reliable, fast automation across the organization in a matter of hours or even minutes. The service offered by Automate IT Inc. allows companies to choose from UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Ansible or Custom Automation solutions. The service includes BOTs to automate HR, Finance and IT Business processes.

MS Dynamics as a Service (mDaaS)

Choose any Microsoft Dynamics products such as AX, NAV, 365, CRM. Automate IT Inc. provides Subscription licenses on a monthly per user basis with zero risk or investment and ERP Managed Services that ensures Availability, Performance and on demand support on a monthly managed services model for your Dynamics Applications & Infrastructure.

The company works closely with OEM such as Microsoft, RedHat, VMware, IBM, HP, Dell and CISCO and many more to be aware with emerging trends and future changes by which they run pilot projects. They help their clients to move to the upgrade path and be available for business far ahead of competition. They are Passionate for customer success and business availability and strive to “Be Better Every day”.

Michael Martin, stalwart of Automate IT Inc.

With nearly 25 years of experience with HP, Mphasis, and Financial services businesses, who excels at coordinating with cross functional teams; skilled in adopting a pragmatic approach in improvising on solutions and resolving complex business issues. Passionate, Visionary and Strategic, built ground up, scaled existing and new business opportunities with innovative service models and IT offerings, built next in line leaders and overall organization growth. Merit of interacting & managing business partners / CXO level global stakeholders and framing outcome driven distributed global delivery model. Key contributor in setting up large global delivery & operations centers in India for large multinational organizations. Proven abilities in Client Engagement Management, Remote Managed Services, Application Performance Services, Data Center, NOC, IT Automation, Project / Program Management, Pre-sales and IT Operations. Scale and Transform IT Services using innovative solutions and delivery practices. Love working with clients and businesses, understanding their business visions, goals and translating to valuable Business ROI. Lead innovation with Intel / McAfee for Digital insights into Ebiz Applications. Created new ideas for NICE into added revenue by automation insights and analytics.

“We keep raising the bar for our business and want to grow to meet more challenges; we want to make business and IT operations secure, automated and scalable for future growth and challenges”

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