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Most of us don’t walk around with thought bubble on top of our heads with the highlights of our educational and professional backgrounds, nor do we normally have them at the tip of our tongue. Creating a professional resume and, keeping it updated, is the best way to ensure that you are ready when the right opportunity appears. A resume will standout only if you make use of right keywords that best showcase your skills and experience. Also, sending the same resume to every potential employer will downgrade the value of your resume, and it has been known to blacklist applicants too, so you need to ensure that you remove every possible obstacle to finding your perfect role. Thus, a good resume builder can help you create a professional resume that gets you to the interview.

Intry’s patented solution uses Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically generate customized resumes for job seekers that highlight their best skill while directly matching their application to the exact specification of individual job posts. When you leverage Intry’s suite of tools, which includes Hybrid Resume templates, TrueYou Assessment, and Job2Resume Creator, they boost your chances of landing an interview by an average of 240 percent.

In conversation with Jennifer Sethre, Founder and CEO of Intry


Q. Tell us about why you started Intry.

For years, we had heard that applying for a job online is like dropping your resume into a black hole. One study from the Human Capital Institute found 75 percent of applicants never hear back from employers after applying for a job. It’s a broken system that is frustrating for job seekers and can negatively depict an employer’s brand. I wanted to see for myself if this was the case. So I submitted resumes to 37 different job posts where I had the exact qualifications and experience they were searching for. And sure enough, I didn’t hear back from any company. A few weeks later, I met the hiring manager for one of the jobs, and she said she’d never even seen my application. It turned out that her ATS filtered it out because I used the “one-click apply” feature, and it was coded to dump any resume that came through that link automatically. That experience was the inspiration for Intry. There are more than 20 million people actively looking for work right now, and roughly 70 percent of employed people are passive job seekers always on the lookout for a better position. But they have learned that applying to a job board posting won’t lead to a job because these filters block 75% of resumes from ever being seen. That means the best candidates aren’t applying for jobs, even if they are the perfect match, because it feels like a waste of their time. Our technology allows job seekers to get around these filters, so they are seen by the recruiters and managers making hiring decisions. And it works. Intry now has more than 33,000 users, and our data shows that when they use our tools, it boosts their chances of landing an interview by 240 percent.

Q. How do you manage to flexibly create resume for your prospects?

Our Job2Resume tool uses Cognitive AI to automatically match a candidate’s resume to the individual job description quickly. Users simply copy and paste the job description into the tool, then the technology matches their resume to the exact description, making small changes that can lead to big results. For example, our research shows that most ATS systems lack the agility to interpret job titles or descriptions that don’t directly match their phrasing. For example, if a company is hiring a director of HR, and a candidate’s resume says they were managing director of human resources, it may not see that as a match. Our technology avoids these mistakes by auditing every job description to accurately (and honestly) align the candidate’s resumes to the exact language in the job post. It dramatically cuts the time it takes to create custom resumes for every application while increasing the job seeker’s chances for success.

Q. As an unemployed job seeker, who is probably running low on cash, the person might not have a lot of spare cash lying around. How can you make your services more affordable?

Our service is already more affordable than our competitors, and we offer a lot more value in return. For $39.99 per month users can apply to as many jobs as they want and create 10 custom resumes. For $49.99 users can create 100 resumes over a 3-month period and for $99.99 users and create unlimited resumes for a year. They can also use the TrueYou assessment tool to find their best job match, build their own digital profile to build and store their resume data, track all the jobs they’ve applied to, and access over 3 million job listings through our site.

Q. How do you market your services?

To date we’ve relied on grassroots marketing, and limited advertising, primarily on social media, and via Linked In, ZipRecruiter, and other job boards. We have also been extremely fortunate that our users promote Intry which is an incredible testament to the product and it’s success rate.

Q. Do you also have B2B Platforms?

We have recently launched both B2B White Label and Enterprise Intry Platforms. We are in pilot with a few companies and will formally announce those relationships soon. Our White Label and Enterprise platforms expand the universe for our modules for job boards, recruiters, staffing companies, outplacement, and in-house human resource departments can use to create added value for their applicants and one that mitigates intended bias. These clients typically want to bolt on our tools to their existing ATS and CRM systems. We see this as a very large opportunity for Intry to expand and quickly scale.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Shortly, we will launch our employment verification service, which is a free tool for users to verify their employment status to the Department of Labor.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next 5 years?

To become a $100 million company and transform the online job-seeking market into a place where great candidates find perfect jobs faster, employers find the best employees with less churn and significantly less effort. And along the way we continue to mitigate intended and unintended bias in the hiring process.

Meet the leader behind the success of Intry

Jennifer Sethre is the Founder and CEO of Intry, a revolutionary HR tech start-up that eliminates bias and wasted time from the online job application process. With Intry, Sethre is transforming the job search environment by providing job seekers with tools to instantly align their resumes to the specifics of each job description, and evade the filters that cause so many applications to fall into a recruiting “black hole.” Along with leading Intry, Sethre is an operating partner at Vimmus Technologies, an internal tech management consulting firm that helps its global partners launch strategies for new technology focused in HR, healthcare and consumer products. She has also held senior leadership roles in multiple technology, healthcare and consumer product companies and has launched and sold two other businesses.

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