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Bringing Robust, Automated, Responsive Email Campaigns to B2B Companies: Pinpointe On-Demand, Inc.

“Founded in the year 2009, Pinpointe is based in U.S. and services companies in 15 countries through the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.”

There are plenty of email marketing solutions designed to help small businesses and individuals create and send attractive, consumer-oriented email campaigns, but many lack the ‘robust’ automation features required to automate their email marketing campaigns. Oftentimes, these email marketing solutions do not address the needs of mid-sized companies with longer sales cycles. These companies not only require robust features, advanced automation and targeting capabilities, but also need a solution that is easy to use in order to send, measure, track, and optimize campaign results.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Pinpointe is a feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing software solution for Business-to-Business (B2B) companies. Pinpointe’s award-winning system brings “big-business” features, services and automation capabilities to mid-size and enterprise B2B email marketing customers at an affordable price.

The Beginning of Pinpointe
The company founders recognized the challenge of running a marketing department in a fast- paced environment with longer, more complex multi-touch sales cycles. Acknowledging that many mid-sized companies had outgrown basic email marketing but weren’t ready for the higher cost and complexity of marketing automation solutions, they set out to build an easy-to-use solution for mid-sized B2B marketers that possessed an excellent email-marketing base and the core marketing automation features that most users require. While designing and updating their platform, they also wanted to ensure it wasn’t cumbersome, over complicated, all while being affordable.

Product Offering
Pinpointe helps businesses control, manage, automate, measure, and optimize permission-based email campaign results through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The Company’s Enterprise Edition is a white-label, dedicated cloud version of Pinpointe for companies and institutions that need separate, departmental logins and are sending 500k – 20M messages per month. The Enterprise Edition is also great for marketing agencies that provide digital services for their clients and need to keep each client’s data separate.

Filling the gap between email marketing and marketing automation
Pinpointe is designed for businesses that have outgrown their email marketing solution, but don’t need all the advanced features, complexities and cost of a full marketing automation solution. There are many great email systems that offer basic features for companies who only have a few lists, or send a few thousand emails a month.

Pinpointe’s average customer sends about two million messages a year, deploys drip campaigns and captures contacts from their website using forms. Most of Pinpointe’s Enterprise customers use its dedicated, cloud-based system, with
separate logins for each department. For large volume customers sending from 1 million to 20 million emails per month and beyond, Pinpointe’s Enterprise Edition provides scalable dedicated infrastructure.

Pinpointe’s clients include Hunter Douglas, KMI Media (a leading publisher of real estate / financial content), IEEE, Nikon Metrology, Caspio, Keynote Systems (a Dynatrace company), USC, and Kellogg School of Business. Pinpointe’s top target industry is Technology – particularly software technology companies, cloud-based software services/products, Professional Services, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Publishing, and educational institutions. Their typical customers are often mid-sized, fast growing companies that usually have an understaffed marketing department. Their customers commonly have a hundred to a few thousand employees. Often times marketing automation products require full time marketing staff to fully utilize their features, but Pinpointe helps these organizations achieve and track excellent results with limited personnel.

Case Study of a Happy Customer: KMI

The Challenge: Print and online magazine publisher, KMI, generates revenue from advertisements on their industry-based media websites and through leads acquired from their electronic newsletters that convert paid subscribers. KMI’s daily newsletters do not cost their subscribers anything; however, they do serve several purposes. Along with providing subscribers informative news, articles and analysis for the real estate, mortgage, HR and insurance industries, KMI’s newsletters are used as a strategy to convert email subscription subscribers into paid print and digital consumer magazine subscribers and promote their ticketed conferences and events.

With a large percentage of their revenue relying on their email marketing results, KMI sought a reliable, comprehensive email marketing solution that would give them the ability to test various versions of their campaigns and target specific contacts based on their open patterns and behavior. Therefore, a multi-functional system that offered in-depth tracking and reporting was essential.

The Result: After reviewing the features of numerous cloud-based email marketing software vendors, KMI felt Pinpointe best met their specific needs due to its comprehensive tracking capabilities and other market-leading features. Pinpointe’s email marketing solution has been a very effective in enhancing KMI’s electronic newsletter program. Many of KMI’s campaigns achieve open rates of up to 45% and click through rate of up to 20%. With web integration features like Pinpointe’s website lead forms, KMI generated over 1,300 new newsletter subscribers within the first 120 days of use and has converted numerous of those to paid print and digital consumer magazine subscribers. In addition, they have increased their paid ticket conference and event sales. Information gathered from lead forms also opens up more potential revenue for the company.

Campaign analysis through split testing, combined with tracking and reporting details continues to give KMI an effective means to target their campaigns and increase sales for both paid print and digital consumer magazine subscribers and ticketed events. To date, approximately 40% of KMI event ticket sales have been generated through email marketing, and that number is actively rising. Overall, Pinpointe provides KMI with an effective and reliable email marketing tool that has not only improved their newsletter program, but continues to expand their sales and prospecting opportunities.

Future Focus
The Company will remain passionately focused on servicing the mid-market businesses with longer sales cycles, which have outgrown their email marketing solution.

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“We’re a team of passionate Silicon Valley techies dedicated to improving the email marketing experience for Business-to-Business companies.”