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Building Experience around People and Not on Paper: Doug Sweeny, CMO, One Medical

thesiliconreview-doug-sweeny-cmo-one-medical-19Exceptional primary care, designed for real life

Going to the doctor these days can be confusing, inconvenient, and stressful. One Medical knew it can be made better, so it created a new kind of primary care. It’s a place you can go not only when you’re sick, b­­ut also when you want to improve your long-term health and wellness.

One Medical is a membership-based practice focused on making quality care more accessible and enjoyable for all. No more waiting forever in stuffy waiting rooms, being rushed through appointments, or getting lost in the healthcare maze. Its offices have beautiful, calming waiting rooms — not that you’ll spend much time in them.

The company’s appointments start on time and are longer than average so providers have time to really listen. It is driven by a shared mission to transform healthcare by designing it around people’s real lives

The Primary Care

Primary care is your healthcare home base. The practice focuses on prevention and overall wellness, and it covers a wide range of health issues, from everyday care to mental health to chronic illnesses. The firm invests in your health goals, help you navigate the healthcare system, and work together to find the best care plan for you.

Today One Medical is the largest independent practice in America; it has opened over 60 offices in major cities across the country, conveniently located where you live, work, and travel. The company has also developed a technology platform that seamlessly connects you with its providers, and enables the firm to offer care unlike anyone else.

What it feels like to be a member

As a patient of One Medical, you receive care that’s respectful, supportive, and engaging. Because One Medical’s offices are beautiful and calm, you’ll actually enjoy coming in for appointments. Or if you’d rather stay home, the firm makes it easy to talk to a provider any time of day or night.

One Medical cares for everything from common illnesses to chronic diseases and mental health concerns. Primary care isn’t just for when you’re sick — it is also here to help you prevent illness and maintain your optimal health. One Medical always takes the time to listen to you, respect your opinion, and care for you as a whole person.

The Services Offered by One Medical

Wellness and prevention: One Medical helps you get healthy and stay that way with state-of-the-art screening, disease prevention, and lifestyle advice.

Everyday care: Wake up with the flu or a questionable rash? The company diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of illnesses, so you get the care you need without having to visit the ER or see specialists.

Chronic conditions: From arthritis to zaspopathy, it will diagnose and help you manage an enormous range of conditions, and when necessary One Medical connects you to world-class specialists and institutions to ensure you get the best possible care.

Children and family: One Medical has created a welcoming, nurturing environment for the whole family and strives to help foster healthy habits in its youngest patients.

Mental health: Your mental health is an important part of the full picture. Whether you're experiencing depression, anxiety, insomnia, or a more complex diagnosis, One Medical has the resources and unique programs to help.

Group visits: In addition to one-on-one appointments, One Medical also offers group programs that bring people together to address long-term lifestyle changes in an affordable, meaningful way. Always growing and expanding into different cities, its current programs focus on mental and physical health and include insomnia, depression, metabolic health, and anxiety. Talk to your One Medical provider if you’re interested in learning more.

Mission-Driven Leadership

Doug Sweeny, Chief Marketing Officer:

Started by some of the best-trained physicians in the country, One Medical attracts the highest-caliber team of leadership and healthcare providers. This allows it to practice medicine the way it should be practiced, focus on improving patient experience, and challenge the healthcare status quo. One of the leaders is Doug Sweeny.

Doug has led marketing for iconic, global brands like Nest, Levi's, Adidas and General Motors EV1. In 2018 he was selected by Forbes as a Top 50 CMO - Next. He leads One Medical brand strategy, growth team, product marketing, advertising, creative, e-commerce business, social media, pr, and partner marketing.

At Nest, he led marketing from the early start-up phase through Google acquisition onto becoming the leading connected home brand. Prior to joining Nest, Doug was VP of Global Marketing for Levi's and architect of the Go Forth campaign in which he was selected by Advertising Age as one of the Top 50 Innovative Marketers today.

Before Levi's, Doug was the Managing Director of Adidas business at TBWA/Chiat/Day. Doug is a senior advisor to Google Ventures, Y Combinator, Silicon Valley startups and is a guest lecturer at Stanford School of Business and USC Iovine & Young Academy. He is on the Board of Advisors for iSchool at Syracuse University.

As Chief Marketing Officer of One Medical, Doug is responsible for marketing strategy and brand story at One Medical. Doug is a senior advisor to Google Ventures, a variety of startups, and frequent guest lecturer at Stanford School of Business and Syracuse University iSchool.

“We’re changing the way you go to the doctor, Transforming primary care to something better. Our major focus is to help you and provide you with what you seek.”