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CCRManager – Creating value for financial institutions and redefining trade finance infrastructure with the digital platform


The global landscape for Trade Finance, a commercial activity, has been closely linked to the story of human trade evolution. For centuries, it has influenced economic conditions, public policy, living standards, and degree of financial inclusion. Trade Finance in trade is essential for us to understand, as the latter rarely takes place safely and securely without the former. Trade finance is an important external source of working capital finance. It is a form of short-term credit typically used by companies that export or import goods. It is relatively easy to secure short term finance if you have a substantial trading record, secured against goods, or backed by an insurance policy. Many companies have operations and branches across nations and international borders for transactions, which lead to exposure to the foreign exchange markets. The Forex exposure entails participating in the Forex volatility and thus calls for managing this volatility to protect each transaction's costing.

Capital & Credit Risk Manager (CCRManager) is one such firm that invests in and operates technology platforms and financial solutions for the global trade and working capital industry. They are a group of seasoned banking and technology professionals with a shared passion for continuous product innovation. They create value for financial institutions through disciplined development and execution of unique trade finance, cash, and FX business models. It is a global digital platform for the secondary trading of trade finance obligations and will help banks address balance sheet, ROE, and cost challenges. Tomorrow's trade finance institutions will need to embrace these changes with innovation, resting against firm foundations of time-tested techniques like the Master Risk Participation Agreement (MRPA).

The CCRManager platform enables FIs and NBFIs to link their needs with a modern solution that enhances multiple asset classes' management with a healthy ecosystem of trading partners. It invests in and operates technology platforms and financial solutions for the global trade and working capital industry. The firm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tin Hill Capital Pte Ltd and supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore through the Financial Sector Development Fund.

Astonishing solutions and services offered by CCRManager

Open Distribution (OD): It enables optimal trade services and financing arrangements for Corporates. Send LC RFQs seamlessly to your existing Banks effortlessly and leverage OD's recommendation engine and CCRManager's Inter-Bank Market to achieve optimal financing arrangement.

  • It enables Corporate to tap into CCRManager's network of more than 100 banks to get optimal LC Confirmation financing.
  • Builds new banking connection and widen financing options
  • Streamlines workflow and maintain high accountability digitally between internal departments

Trade Asset Management: Trade Asset Management (TAM) module facilitates the buying and selling of trade assets among Financial Institutions (FIs) and Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs) digitally.

  • Enables banks to manage their capital, credit, and liquidity by efficiently distributing their trade finance assets
  • Allow buyers to set preferences for real-time matching with assets on sale
  • End-to-End processing platform for asset distribution

Correspondent Services: Correspondent Services (CS) module facilitates Request for Quotes process for Letter of Credit (LC) confirmation, Guarantees, and Trade Loans digitally.

  • Enables Confirming Banks to increase access to LC confirmation volumes from Issuing Banks
  • Allows Confirming Banks to set preferences for real-time matching for LC confirmation quotes
  • Enables Issuing Banks to maximize reach to a correspondent network
  • Streamlines internal processes by customizing workflows and access controls for Issuing and Confirming Banks

Meet the formidable leader behind the success of CCRManager

TAN Kah Chye is the Executive Chairman and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of CCRManager. Kah Chye serves as an independent board member and advisor for a select number of global organizations, including the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy and Markham Rae LLP.

He was most recently the Chairman of the ICC Banking Commission, the leading industry body for the establishment of Trade Finance standards and policies. Under his leadership, ICC introduced the ICC Trade Finance Register to help the industry formulate the right Basel III capital adequacy policy. Kah Chye also co-founded the ICC Academy to provide industry-leading business education.

With over 20 years of banking and asset management experience in Singapore, Frankfurt, and London, Mr. Kah Chye's career has included global P&L responsibilities at institutions, including JPM Chase, Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, and Citibank. Kah Chye also notably led the successful development of the world's first synthetic securitization of trade finance assets.

"We invest in and operate technology platforms and financial solutions for the global trade and working capital industry."