10 Fastest Growing Infrastructure Management Companies 2017

Cirba Inc is the new trend-setter of creating reliable data centers among all other industries


To start with a humble introduction of the company would be: Cirba is a privately-owned, venture-capital company funded corporation headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada, 1999. The tagline of the company says it all- Provider of Software-Defined Infrastructure Control, implying that it has created a demand-driven approach to infrastructure management that maximizes the efficiency and cost savings while reducing risks.

Any inquisitive mind would want to know a quick inside story of the company that holds the most marvelous company like Cisco, Cognizant, Dell, Hewlett Packard, etc as its promising partners and as such, a brief whereabouts of the company is narrated below with a little heads-up about the CEO of Cirba, Gerry Smith.

Gerry Smith: After graduating from University of Toronto, in 1987, Gerald “Gerry” Smith obtained a master’s degree in business administration from McMaster University and swiftly co-founded his company, Changepoint. His visionary approach enabled the company to remain at the leading edge of innovation.

In the year 2006, Gerry became a co-owner and also roped at the position of CEO of Cirba, a young software company at that period. Under his leadership, Cirba transformed into a leader in data centre analytics with offices throughout Canada, Europe and the United States.

The company was proud to announce that the CEO, Gerry Smith was inducted into the University of Toronto’s 2014 Engineering Alumni Hall of distinction. “I am honored to be to be recognized among my fellow engineers as a Hall of Distinction inductee,” said Gerry Smith while expressing his happiness. 

Cirba, one of the leading software-defined infrastructure controls that provide Solutions through three main aspects: By Technology, By Use Case, By User Role. An overview of the solutions provided by the company is described below in brief.

Cirba is built for the emerging software-defined era in which application requirements drive how enterprise infrastructure is leveraged and managed. Cirba scientifically balances infrastructure supply and application demand creating a demand-driven approach to virtual and cloud operations that maximize efficiency and cost savings while also maintaining the amount of risk. Cirba provides software-defined control for virtual and private cloud infrastructure through its policy based analytics. By filling a critical gap in cloud management platforms by automating the routing of new workloads to the best possible hosting environment and making the associated capacity reservations for compute and storage resources.

Cirba has launched innumerous Products to provide a perfect alignment between application requirements and computer, storage, and network resources.

  • Transformation Console- Cirba’s transformation console has set the standard for modeling server and data center transformations. Combining policy-driven, rules-based analytics, and prescriptive consolidation plans, Cirba enables organizations to consolidate and migrate infrastructure faster, with less risk and lower infrastructure and software cost.
  • Reservation Console- Cirba’s reservation console makes routing workloads to the right host environment and reserving capacity as easy as booking a hotel online. Support for hybrid cloud provides the critical decision point for whether applications reside on internal infrastructure or in the public cloud.
  • Control Console- Just as clouds and virtualizations are revolutionizing how enterprise IT is defined, Cirba’s control console is changing forever how infrastructures are balanced and meet demand requirements.
  • Cirba’s analytics engine- Cirba’s analytics combine the most advanced workload analysis with configuration requirements, business requirements, operational policies, and planned changes to model infrastructure requirements accurately and resource allocation and VM placements for today and the for the near future.
  • Cirba’s automaton option- It provides an API that enables our customers to integrate Cirba with any other third-party solutions in your environment requiring VM placement and sizing information, such as ticketing systems, orchestration, or even cloud management platforms like solutions from IBM, OpenStack and VMWare.

To put it in simple word, Cirba is the frontrunner company that is a need base for almost, now all of the tech-hook companies. It is estimated that a growing numbers of global two-hundred companies uses the Cirba technology to create leaner and more reliable data centers in industries as diverse as Financial services, Telecom, Oil and Gas, Technology, and Managed Services. Cirba Inc. provides data center analytics solutions. The company also provides Cirba DCI (Data Center Intelligence) – transform, a virtualization and cloud migration planning software to address the challenge of server and data center transformations. In addition, it facilitates DCI-control that provides intelligent control over risks and efficiency in virtual and cloud infrastructure by optimizing workload placements and resource allocations.

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Gerry Smith

Gerry Smith assumed the role of CEO of Cirba in November 2005. Prior to joining Cirba, he served as executive vice president of IT Governance solutions at Compuware Corporation, a publicly traded company. Smith was previously CEO and a founder of Changepoint Corporation, an IT Governance software company acquired by Compuware in 2004 for $100 million. During his tenure at Changepoint, Smith raised over $40 million in venture capital and grew the business from $0 to over to $30 million in revenue. He is also a member of the Young Presidents Association (YPO) and was honored in 2002 as one of Canada’s Top 40 under 40.

“Nothing makes hybrid cloud infrastructure more efficient than We have taken advanced analytics that are recognized as being best of breed for infrastructure optimization and made it possible for everyone to drive substantial savings, while also reducing risk.”

“Built with the innovative idea to balance infrastructure supply and an application demand.”