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Click Prompt Provides Significant Information through Data Collection in Real Time

thesiliconreview-junior-belardo-founder-click-prompt-cover-17‘Understanding the behavior can change the fate of a company.’ 

The Global market in general is very concerned about the quality of the offered services and endlessly strives to stay ahead of its competition; Junior Belardo, an Italian-Brazilian entrepreneur, appreciates great quality of service and being a tech-enthusiast, noticed negative data of the results of several global companies that have huge networks across the country. He clearly saw the lack of additional information to fix hidden errors and obtaining data in real time and thus established Click Prompt in 2015. The company offers a simple tool and brings excellent results in customer knowledge and predictive analytics. Despite being simple, it brings numbers to managers that are often unknown and can only be identified through profound auditing.

Click Prompt is the revolution that a company needs, and its innovative methods are taking the market by storm. Data collection is quite famous, but the differential of this new tool is to work in favor of operations in real time, providing the perception of operational performance through alerts sent to managers, allowing the correction of hidden errors and increasing the quality of services. It brings relevant information from your customer, product and campaign in real time. It is a completely self-service solution; its  results are reflected immedialy and the client determines its rules and parameters, adequate to their exact business needs in understanding the customer.

Remarkable Facets of Click Prompt

Glance at the features offered:

Reports: Click Prompt is 100% self-service. It allows one to determine the alerts and their recipients. The platform is updated every second and the data is displayed through a modern Dashboard.Alerts are sent by email, text or API integration into an existing customer platform. The tool cangenerate  reports that can be setup to meet certain criterias and can be exported in several common tools such as Excel or PDF.

 Easy to use: The company’s tool does not depend on experts. Its modern Dashboard displays the warning that enables making immediate decision on issues. No special device or hardware is needed, simply use any smart device with a camera that has IOS or Android installed.

Connections: Through API’s, it can integrate one’s existing back-end systems. This allows the flexibility of continuing to leverage software and add the power of Click Prompt’s tool seamlessly.

Real time: Empower staff with real time customer data, on the fly. Make the right decisions with live metrics. Drive analytics to determine the future of your customer and your services.

“A customer can simply choose to buy the license to use the products and manage it in their own way or choose to have us provide them professional services that can compose of backend, frontend or complete environment setup including development of API’s to integrate with their existing environment.”

Click Prompt’s Targeted Arenas

Click Prompt targets many segments, here are a few verticals which are drastically changing due to its presence.

  1. Property Management – Managing hundreds of properties with excellence is a constant challenge and Click Prompt’s tool can lead this process to success. Simply put, the host can interact with managers, sending alerts to various departments avoiding phone calls and delays in feedback. Besides creating reports, the company has a modern dashboard that allows you to view large operations in real time and easily identify problem areas and make decisions in just a few seconds.
  2. Schools – Click Prompt helps directors to perceive problems that might occur such as bulling, drugs, weaponry and other aspects that influence children and the staff and thus improving school quality as a whole. With the use of Social Media, many things happen after school hours that further instigate on school grounds. This technology allows decision makers to quickly respond to situation that otherwise would not be known till it’s too late.
  3. Supermarkets – Keeping products always available to the customers is a constant concern, but with Click Prompt, the consumer can report in real time, alerting the manager about items missing from the shelf. It also allows the manager to know what other products the client would like to see available, raising the quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  4. Customer Service – Click Prompt allows the company to collect data in real time in just a few seconds. It allows businesses to know its operation and can change the destination of one’s company. The tool is one of its kinds in the market, by using it you will be able to understand and help your clients by perfecting the delivery of goods and services and avoiding overlooked mistakes.

Prevalent Market Status

The company’s concept is based on QR codes usage in the market and how to effectively leverage the use of that technology with advanced analytics. The use of QR codes has been around for several years and widely used for numerous market applications such as surveys, inventory management and others. However, the problem is that this technology, to date, has been used as a reactive approach to customer service.  Due to this, a significant reduction in customer satisfaction, repeat business, and poor word of mouth was observed, ultimately impacting business revenues.

To overcome these challenges, Click Prompt has created an innovation to expand on how QR codes are used in the market. It realized that with the rate of change in consumer markets, the customer interactions and expectations have also changed. As technology has evolved, it has given great tools to minimize the human interaction. The company is taking advantage of this “self-service” demand by implementing real time data captures that translate into proactive solution and engagement with the customer before the damage is done. There is no doubt that issues will occur in any business that has some level of customer interaction but its goal is to equip the business with solutions that can help the company to better understand its customer, its services or its internal employees performance and mitigate issues that can become drastic impacts not only to one’s company, but it’s customers.

Obstacles Addressed By Click Prompt

Customer satisfaction is the key to Click Prompt’s business as it should be to any business that depends on its customers outreach and rate of repeatable business. It has discovered that the immediate interaction when there is an issue can be attended more dynamically and precise buy understanding these concerns in real time vs. the traditional survey format that comes post a service interaction.  This concept allows the company to build strategies on how to handle customer situations and points of interactions better, hence help preserve that relationship.

Singular Factors of Click Prompt

  • The company’s solution drives business and customer complaints and concerns in real time with analytics that help a business improve services and outcome. A customer can simply scan a QR code from their own personal device and provide feedback on services which is then transmitted to an administrative team with immediate alerts which can be customized in many ways. This concept allows the business to have a more proactive approach on resolving customer complaints immediately.
  • This solution is applicable in numerous environments and conditions, the level and detail that a business wants to capture can be customized. The business even has the flexibility to change the specifics of each QR code group on the fly without having to change the QR code themselves, thus minimizing the administrative overhead. The usability of our tools is simply and in plain English and for the most part, can be learned by any level of staff in under 30 minutes.
  • The company offers several packages with bundled services and scale of offerings based on the specific needs of each customer. The simplest way to describe this, services are charged on a p/QR basis.
  • As a company that has a vision for the next generation and believes that it can make a difference in people’s lives, Click Prompt has agreed to offers its technology to US based public schools 100% FREE, a social and challenging project that is undergoing in the State of Florida and is planned to expand accross the US in the next five years with the help of the National School Board Administration (NSBA)

Future Prospects

thesiliconreview-silicon-100-cover-17The company has several other concepts under development that will expand on QR code and industry usage. Click Prompt has plans to make this a norm across service  industries and wherever customer interaction is critical to the success of that business. It’s not just focused on this being a customer interaction tool the company has seen this interaction be beneficial within internal organizations, where this can be applied to measure a service performed by an employee and understand how effective employee utilization is.  Click Prompt has an array of ideas in progress, some of which are currently in development. As the concepts evolve, the company’s platform will mature and ecosystem of offerings will be integrated into one primary tool that will interface between customer’s existing technical environments. 

Testimony of Click Prompt’s Success

Industry: Hospitality and Tourism

Background: The client is a formidable brand of hotels


  • Understand the history of the client’s data and collect that data

  • Measure the efficiency of internal services, housekeeping and maintenance procedures

  • Understanding the operation and effectively reacting to poor guest concerns and reviews

Results: incredible results followed after the client started using click prompt’s tool:

  • Client was able to reduce errors and save a lot of money and time, increasing the quality of the services and their average incidents.

  • Data collection in real time allowed in delivering a proactive and knowledgaeable understanding of its services translating to revenue increase and greater guest satisfaction.

  • The ease in data collection allowed any employee of the team to inform the data through a Smartphone and the general manager to make decisions through the company’s modern and simple system.

The client desired Click Prompt’s services not because of its low cost, however it was the real gain for the client. Furthermore, understanding of the operation in real time allowed to change the fate of the company, because the correct decisions showed an increase in satisfaction and reflected positively in social media and travel advisory boards, all due to minimizing hidden errors that would have otherwise been missed..

Meet the Virtuoso

Junior Belardo, Founder: Belardo is an Italian-Brazilian. Born in Brazil, Belardo spent some time living in Milan, Italy. He graduated in law, but was very passionate about technology. He is married to Renata and is the father of two children Enzo and Giulia. He lived in United States for three years, where he founded the Click Prompt in 2015.


"Our goal is to simplify the use and understanding of our product but in turn, provide a robust tool that can be leveraged for advanced analytics and predictive business behaviors and patterns that will allow a business owner to make educated decisions on their service offerings.”