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Silicon 70 2018

Combining World-Renowned Clinical Research and Commercialization Capabilities with Today’s Most Advanced Science, Business and Data Technologies: Syneos Health

thesiliconreview-alistair-macdonald-ceo-syneos-health-18Syneos Health is the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization. The company, including a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Commercial Organization (CCO), is purpose-built to accelerate customer performance to address modern market realities. Created through the merger of two industry-leading companies – INC Research and inVentiv Health – it brings together more than 21,000 clinical and commercial minds with the ability to support customers in more than 110 countries.

At Syneos Health, all the disciplines involved in bringing new therapies to market, from clinical to commercial, work together to create customer success. Its unique Biopharmaceutical Acceleration Model delivers value across the small to mid-size to large customer continuum.

Biopharmaceutical Acceleration Model

When clinical and commercial work hand-in-hand together the walls between disciplines come down and are replaced by the sharing of critical insights and data to optimize your success. When everyone in the company begins their work with the ultimate end in mind, Biopharmaceutical acceleration is changing the game and it’s happening here.

Faster processes, deeper insights, smoother systems and more actionable Real World Evidence are just some of the benefits Syneos Health and biopharmaceutical acceleration can bring to a marketplace that grows increasingly complex and competitive each day.

The Trusted Process

The Trusted Process is a metrics-driven methodology that it originally developed to manage every aspect of your clinical studies. Its proprietary approach delivers results faster, while still guaranteeing data integrity and reducing operational risk and variability. Syneos Health is also applying the Trusted Process to Commercial Solutions to drive greater operating efficiencies and improved times to market.

Syneos Health’s Therapeutic Expertise

Syneos Health is built on its firm belief in therapeutic depth. It assembles teams in which members, from CRAs to senior management, are experts in the same therapeutic area. This team approach delivers much stronger insights into the therapeutic environment, the competitive landscape and the patient population. In other words, better answers, faster.

Clinical Surveillance Monitoring Keeps Your Trial on Track

The mission of Syneos’ CNS Clinical Surveillance Team (CST) is to ensure that extraordinary diligence is applied to subject eligibility and data quality. It understands that complex patients and efficacy scale data can only be fully understood by experienced clinicians and psychometric experts. That’s why its Clinical Scientists and Medical Directors carefully oversee important safety and efficacy assessments, in near-real time, to prevent issues from negatively impacting your trial.

The Therapeutically Aligned Team is Here to Help Your Neurology Clinical Trials Succeed

Syneos have innovative recruitment strategies, deep site knowledge across an array of neurological studies and dedicated CNS project managers. Its strategic and operational excellence can help move your neurology medications along the development pathway.

 At the Cutting Edge of Psychiatry Clinical Trials

From study design to site selection, subject recruitment and eligibility assessment, qualification and evaluation of raters, and finally to the monitoring and delivery of high-quality data, Syneos can help you address the significant challenges you face in psychiatry studies.

Expertly Executing Your Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases Trials

It has dedicated staff with years of experience in medical leadership, project management and clinical operations who can execute endocrinology studies with proven effective strategies, wherever in the world, whatever the indication. This leads to rapid study start-up timelines, on time deliverables, proactive risk management, and quality data delivery, achieving study timelines within projected budgets.

Best-In-Class Immunology and Inflammation Experience

Due to the increase in immunologic and inflammatory disorders, paralleled by an increase in the development of targeted drugs, it is essential to deliver innovative products to market with maximum speed while preserving quality in a highly competitive research arena.

Eye Disease Treatment – Helping You Make the Most of Opportunities

An aging global population, combined with continued unmet needs in ocular diseases that carry the genuine quality of life implications, has created a boon of interest and opportunity in developing new eye disease treatments. Ophthalmology studies are highly specialized, requiring intimate knowledge of the patient and caregiver experience, deep relationships with quality research sites as well as technical skills for ocular imaging and a spectrum of treatment modalities.

A Dedicated Focus on Improving Women’s Health

Syneos Health is very active in supporting biopharmaceutical companies developing innovative solutions in women’s health. Its expertise encompasses:

  • Successful design, implementation, and execution of 86 women’s health clinical trials since 2013, treating 46,800 patients at 5,240 sites globally  
  • 14 studies with a fertility focus since 2013, treating 7,726 patients at 373 sites globally
  • A dedicated women’s health group within the General Medicine Business Unit (BU) comprised of more than 200 clinical, scientific and regulatory professionals, including five full-time in-house OB-GYN physicians, executives seasoned in running women’s health trials, accomplished project directors, project managers, and clinical research associates (CRAs)

A Unique Business Model Leads to a Unique Culture

“At Syneos Health™, we combine the best strategic brains in the biopharmaceutical industry with the latest technologies and the advantages of scale to create better, smarter and faster ways to bring biopharmaceutical products to market. Our cultural foundation is built on the attributes of collaboration, accountability, trust, innovation and most importantly, professional advancement for our people.

We are fighters of the status quo, keenly focused on evolving and pioneering best practices by working together across all disciplines, with clinical learning from commercial and commercial learning from clinical. We are intent on creating a smoother process because it is a better process. And sometimes even a faster one. Together, our shared purpose is to shorten the distance from lab to life.”

Meet the Chief

Alistair Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer: Alistair has 20+ years experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. He has held management positions in the pharmaceutical industry across manufacturing, consultancy, business and corporate development, data management, and clinical operations

Alistair holds Master of Science in Environmental Diagnostics, Cranfield University; Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Applied Geology, Plymouth Polytechnic; Diploma Qualification, UK Institute of Directors.

“Syneos Health fully expresses our value proposition – that is, our ability to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions and create new paths for our customers to develop and commercialize their therapies.”