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Convert IT Marketing, Inc: A Proven Leader In Digital Marketing For Lawyers

thesiliconreview-paul-rubenstein-founder-convert-it-marketing-inc-17The internet is becoming an increasingly important source of potential clients for attorneys. Law firms need to stay focused on being ahead of the curve by using advanced digital strategies to market themselves online. This can be quite difficult for the smaller law firm or a solo practitioner. They may not be able to afford an in-house marketing team and hiring multiple vendors to provide marketing services is time consuming, expensive and difficult to coordinate.

Although there are some out of a box service providers claiming to be able to simplify this problem, few companies have been able to create a platform that is cost effective, easy to deploy and proven to give lawyers a return on their marketing dollars month one.

Founded in 2009, Convert IT Marketing is best known for its turnkey marketing platform that has been proven to deliver results for attorneys and law firms of all sizes. The platform incorporates all of the most advanced digital strategies for search engine marketing and campaign tracking features, but requires no work on the lawyer’s part to run and manage. The company is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, has won the Google Partners All Stars Award in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and is a Premier Google Partner.

We spoke with Founder and Managing Partner Paul Rubenstein about the vision behind the company, the success of their clients and developing a platform that delivers results.

How was Convert IT Marketing started and why did you choose the legal vertical as a specialization?

The company was born out of a unique set of circumstances. A small group of highly talented digital marketers and salespeople were working together on an inbound marketing project for a large company. Upon completion of this project, we were presented with an opportunity to solve a marketing problem for a law firm, the project was completely unrelated, but it looked challenging, so we accepted.

By working on this project, it became clear that there was a tremendous need for law firms to have a solution to drive business online and provide a way for the law firm to track the success of their digital campaign.

So the success of this project became the business model for a new company, Convert IT Marketing, Inc.

What makes your digital marketing platform unique?

First, I think that it is important to distinguish the fact that our platform is meant to be utilized as the direct response arm of the law firm’s marketing plan. This means that the primary objective of our platform is to drive quality phone calls and leads.

Second, because we specialize in legal marketing, we know what type of prospective client a law firm needs in order to have a high client acquisition rate. More importantly, we know how to avoid driving clicks and phone calls from less desirable prospects that may have a legal problem, but may not have the desire or ability to hire an attorney.

Third, our platform provides a law firm with everything that they need to run a successful online marketing campaign with no work on their behalf. It includes keyword specific websites, proven managed Google AdWords campaigns, fully integrated Google Analytics, phone call tracking with lead management, and even retargeting when applicable. It is the total turn key package.

Finally, we offer our platform at an affordable price point for any firm, even a solo practitioner, and we do not require contracts. You can come aboard with us on a month to month basis. If your campaign is not successful in month one, you are under no obligation to continue.

How do you define the success of a client’s campaign?

Bottom line, return on investment (ROI). Law firm’s spend money on marketing for one reason, to see a return on their marketing efforts. From the onset, our clients know that they are hiring our company to bring in new business. Our job is to connect people who are looking for a lawyer online, primarily through Google search, to our clients and to do so profitably.

Your company has been a Google All Stars Award winner and a Premier Google Partner for years now, what makes your company an industry leader capable of achieving these recognitions?

At the core of the Google Premier Partnership and the Google All Stars Awards is a dedication to service and performance. We are graded by Google on how well we are managing our client’s campaigns, how well we harness the latest technologies to ensure campaign success and ultimately client satisfaction. 

As a company we are driven to be the best law firm marketing company in the country and it is that drive that inspires our team to achieve more, ultimately making these awards possible. We believe that our recipe for success is a result of our drive to be the best coupled with our determination for stellar client service.

Where do you see Convert IT Marketing three years from now?

We see ourselves as an industry leader in law firm marketing now and in three years from now. We will continue to grow our client base and possibly expand into new areas of practice that we may not have a platform for yet. In our industry change is inevitable, it is how well we adapt to the changing environment by creating new processes, keeping up with new technologies and keeping the core of what we do as the primary objective.

Our core objective is to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns for our clients. I believe that with a continued pursuit of excellence, in three years from now we will still be helping our clients achieve success in the digital marketing landscape, we will just have a larger client base.

"We provide law firms of all sizes with a turn key online marketing platform that has been proven to generate new clients".