July Special Edition 2021

An expert in RPA helping businesses exceed expectations in their automation journey by turning their RPA strategies into guaranteed business results: CoSourcing Partners



2020 was the year filled with unparalleled disruption, and businesses are now slowly gearing up to get back on track. Many companies are turning towards technology and automation to reduce cost, build resilience, and improve efficiency. Robotic process automation (RPA) is the technology that is proving to be a forerunner in the latest development conversations. RPA should be considered more than other technologies because it offers clear steps and strategies, with minimal business disruptions, that will lead us to success. Companies must be aware that RPA projects will help them in increasing productivity, speed, and process quality to try and meet the ever-growing demands of the customers. 

There are various companies delivering excellent Robotic process automation services globally, but CoSourcing Partners stands out from the rest. CoSourcing Partners (CSP) provides a full suite of RPA professional services. The company’s holistic practice includes expert RPA consulting, training, design & development services – with over 2,000 automations in production. CSP also offers staff augmentation services, including Direct Hire Placement, Contract-to-Hire, Consulting Engagements, and Part-Time Project-based work. CSP is the industry’s only RPA vendor running out of an SSAE 16 Type II compliant data center. The company hosts its RPA managed services offerings that provide 24/7/364 monitoring, execution, support, and governance for client automation from this secure data center.

In conversation with Terri Austerberry, Strategy and Business Development Analyst at CoSourcing Partners

Q. The biggest concern for both business owners and employees is that automated business processes eventually eliminate certain jobs. How do you interpret this?

Automation enhances human productivity by eliminating mundane tasks and freeing up employees to spend their time on more interesting and value-added activities. Based on our experiences, organizations are not eliminating jobs but rather increasing productivity and leveraging and refocusing the current human capital for growth. We also see that successful companies are promoting a culture of continuous learning, investing in reskilling programs that support new ways of working.

Q. How can we contain the cost through process automation?

Process automation reduces costs by streamlining transactional activities and eliminating errors and their associated costs. Additionally, process automation increases productivity and introduces cost avoidance measures for additional infrastructure costs. Automation also results in many important qualitative benefits like increased customer and employee satisfaction, improved audit and compliance capabilities, and a platform for deploying AI/ML to guide informed decision-making. While most tech transformations have uncertain and delayed financial impact, successful automation typically achieves a positive ROI in under six months.

Q. Can we streamline the deployment of applications through automated processes?

Yes, streamlining and simplifying the application process has always been the objective of DevOps. By augmenting DevOps with automated processes to address regression testing, documentation, and user updates & notifications, many organizations have streamlined both the development and deployment of applications internally and on customer sites. RPA, augmented with AI and ML, supports an efficient and manageable approach to root cause identification and isolation of issues, thereby generating productivity gains and reducing the cost and complexity of managing application deployment.

Q. Tell us in brief about the visibility that can be achieved through your services.

Automation brings transparency. A trail is created and can be easily tracked and analyzed through AI-enabled tools to quickly highlight issues and business process improvement opportunities. Through our managed services, we are also able to monitor our customers’ automations and quickly identify and resolve issues brought about by changes in systems and procedures, thereby providing a seamless solution.

Q. How do you deal with the “never ending change” in digital transformation?

The pandemic has brought about the exponential growth of digital interactions and the expansion of digital transformation technology solutions. As digital transformation solutions continue to improve and drive innovation, CoSourcing Partners has implemented organizational-wide Centers of Excellence that encourage our staff to measure, experiment, and push each other forward with these emerging technologies. By promoting more transparency and shared results, our organization stays aligned with emerging technologies and continues to provide business value to our customers. RPA is a friend to digital transformation, allowing companies to deliver seamless customer service across multiple delivery channels. By integrating rapidly expanding AI and ML capabilities with digital transformation and automation, leading-edge companies are taking  their game to the next level and gaining significant competitive advantages from superior data-driven decision-making.

Q. How do you market your services?

Fueled by satisfied customers and driven by over 35 internal marketing automations, our bots identify high-probability prospects and run a targeted digital marketing campaign 24/7/365.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes! CoSourcing Partners hosts quarterly customer-enhancement sessions focused on identifying and providing value-centric services and solutions. These sessions yield progressive advancements of solutions that embrace both customer and market needs on an ongoing basis. Our latest service offerings address the uniquities and cost challenges of implementing RPA in the SMB market.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We are poised for tremendous growth as we support our customers in their digital transformation journey. We are excited about the explosive growth and adoption rate of our newly launched private RPA cloud and we remain confident in our value-centric approach to business that drives tremendous gains for our customers.

Meet the leader behind the success of CoSourcing Partners

Terri Austerberry, is a Strategy and Business Development Analyst with more than 20 years’ experience developing corporate strategic initiatives, improving business processes, and delivering game-changing results across industries and organizational functions. She excels in corporate and business strategy development, process and organization redesign, revenue-generating performance improvement programs, and change management and is a leader in driving cross-functional teams to produce positive business outcomes.

“Our solutions suite is value-centric and strongly focused on the unique needs of today’s RPA marketplace.”