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Creating a Unique Combination of Values, People and Technology: Cohesity


Cohesity brings a new approach to an old problem. Mass data fragmentation is threatening IT efficiency with a growing patchwork of siloed infrastructure for backup, archiving file storage, test/dev and analytics. Replace decades of complexity and cost with a single software-defined platform that spans across clouds and data centres with Google-like simplicity. Replace decades of complex infrastructure with Cohesity. Its platform’s Google-like simplicity and scale help you collapse IT silos and manage all your secondary data and apps on a single software-defined platform.

The One Platform -One UI -Multiple Apps

The smartphone ushered in a new era with a single multi-purpose platform, a single UI and the ability to download and run new applications. Cohesity is applying these same principles to secondary infrastructure, to eliminate mass data fragmentation, consolidate silos, and enable IT to extract more value from their data.

Solving Secondary Data Challenges through a Single Solution

All organizations have secondary data, but agile enterprises don’t have time to manage fragmented and inefficient silos. That’s why there’s Cohesity, with its web-scale simplicity for secondary data, your enterprise consolidates backups, files, objects, test/dev, and analytics on one hyper-converged solution for maximum speed and flexibility.

Gain Flexibility for Long-Term Retention

Archive data to multiple targets, including public clouds, private clouds, any S3 compatible device and QStar managed tape libraries. CohesityDataProtect allows you to keep long term retention copies of data in the cloud or on tape, and ensure a consistent user experience. CloudArchive enables easy long term data retention in the public cloud. CohesityDataProtect is a web-scale hyper-converged solution designed to simplify your data protection by eliminating legacy backup and recovery silos. An easy to manage single UI and policy-based management DataProtect allows you to meet tight business SLAs with fast RPOs and instant mass restore to any point in time while reducing data protection cost by 70% or more.

CohesityDataProtect provides consistent and comprehensive data protection for your virtual, physical and cloud environments, as well as business-critical applications with a single web-scale solution. CohesityDataProtect supports a broad set of hypervisors, clouds, storage arrays and other adapters to deliver enterprise-class backup and recovery.

Instant Data Access with Less Hassle

Move away from the time-consuming, costly effort of making production data copies to automating application test/dev with secondary data. Ensure productive data is always available, on-demand to drive test-dev workloads. Instantly clone virtual machines (VMs) of live data as often as needed, without performance penalties.

Simplify, Scale, and Save with Cohesity

Modernize backup and recovery in the data centre and cloud with Cohesity. Move your IT team closer to achieving its new mandate to reduce, improve, and accelerate IT operations. Remove silos while speeding RPOs and data recovery. Easily scale to meet tight SLAs and always accommodate capacity demand with just-right resources. Reduce high-cost maintenance and say goodbye to annual tune-ups.

Run Cohesity with Familiar Applications

Hyperconverged, software-defined Cohesity consolidates secondary data protection silos to deliver data instantly for recovery, make workloads productive for test/dev and analytics, help ensure faster delivery with fewer errors, and support multi-cloud environments in modern data centres. Use your existing automation and orchestration tools such as VMware vRealize Automation and ServiceNow with Cohesity to improve the delivery and ongoing management of modern data centre infrastructure.

Essential elements for the modern hybrid cloud

Cohesity unifies and radically simplifies all your secondary data and applications, globally. Consolidate all your secondary data including backup and recovery, files and objects, test/dev and analytics workloads on a single, hyper-converged web-scale solution.

Comprehensive Protection for All Workloads

The company creates end-to-end data protection for application-driven modern infrastructure that spans from your core to the cloud and edge. Also, protects your virtual and physical workloads, databases and primary storage on a single, web-scale platform that converges backup, recovery, replication, target storage, and natively supports multi-cloud integration.

The Successful Leader

Mohit Aron, CEO and Founder:

Mohit has more than 15 years of experience building scalable, high – performance distributed systems and been attributed as the father of hyper-convergence. He founded his current company, Cohesity, in 2013 and co-founded Nutanix in 2009. Prior to co-founding Nutanix, Aron was at Google as a lead developer on the Google File System Engineering Project. Among many prestigious awards Cohesity has received since its inception, Cohesity was named by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of the world’s 61 most promising Technology Pioneers 2018. He graduated with a Ph D in Computer Science from Rice University with a focus on distributed systems. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi India.

“We bring you Smartphone-like Simplicity to Secondary Data and Apps.”