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Creating Unique Brand Experiences for Customers in the Digital World: Team SI


A Google Certified Partner since 2012, Team SI was recently named a Google All-Star, competing against 14,000 agencies worldwide for one of 200 spots.

When businesses develop marketing strategies, they’re still categorizing media as traditional and digital. Traditional marketing isn’t dying, it’s just taking on a new form. Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Team SI is a full-service digital marketing and technology firm whose designers, strategists and marketing specialists can help you create unique brand experiences for your customers using digital and social media platforms.

Team SI coined the term “TraDigital,” which is the art of blending traditional and digital marketing, which they build into each marketing plan. Marketing has become multi-screened, and media channels are becoming intertwined. Continuity is key when mixing traditional and digital media together. Traditional and digital marketing aren’t enemies; they’re perfect together when a plan is put in place to blend them.

Founded in 2010, Team SI is one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation according to the Inc. 500 list that ranked it at number 276. “We’ve built our reputation by creating integrated solutions that deliver what businesses value most: meaningful, positive and measurable impact toward achieving their marketing goals,” says Tim Whitley, president & CEO. Currently, the company has over 200 clients served by 78 employees, representing a variety of age groups and ethnicities.

“We have worked to employ a diverse staff so that we truly understand – from the inside out – the audiences with whom we are communicating. Our low ratio of clients to employees is one of the reasons we are so successful and customer service-focused. A client’s world can change in an instant – and we pride ourselves on helping each client adapt to its need just as quickly,” Whitley adds.

Most firms are still mapping out the channels of today’s digital experience. Team SI creates exclusive tools to help consumers enjoy a better online experience via technology. The possibilities are endless when the organizational rally cry is “Innovation Lives Here.” All of the company’s resources – human and capital – are dedicated to supporting this claim.

Using Data to Drive Decision Making
Team SI uses data to help determine whom to target in their journey to purchase a product or service. Reaching consumers at the moment when it is most influential in their decision process is what the company strives to do. This is done using exclusive technology that is updated daily to provide the best data available.

Excellent Teamwork and Company Culture
It takes more than a single person to get a job done; a team must work together to achieve success in any task. If one person is falling behind, the team works to build that person back up and encourages him or her to finish strong. Team SI’s outstanding characteristic is teamwork. Without a strong and robust team, Team SI would cease to exist.

What makes Team SI different from other companies is the company culture. It helps employees nurture every idea, design and strategy to reach its maximum potential by keeping him or her inspired and innovative. “Our passion for fresh ideas and our ability to execute them quickly allows us to deliver better results faster than other marketing firms,” emphasizes Tim.

Target Area and Big Clients
While Team SI’s target area is the United States, the company has recently acquired clients in Canada. Currently, the company is serving digital goodness to clients in 32 states. J.B. Hunt Transport, Re-Bath, Goodwill, Rhea Lana’s, Steve Landers Auto Group, RDO Equipment Co., Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), Keep Arkansas Beautiful, Hollywood Feed, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Nikon, and the Memphis Zoo are just some of the company’s notable clients.

Client Testimonials
“We love Team SI! They’re guiding our company through the turbulent changes taking place in our marketing comfort zones and helping us to grow in a competitive retail space!”
– Jeff Beauchamp, president of Bedford Camera

“With Team SI, we discovered a customer base we didn’t even know we had.”
– Rick Bormann, senior VP, Greenway Equipment

Future Outlook
Team SI has recently begun bringing innovation to the agriculture and equipment industry. For the future, Team SI plans to continue to innovate the industry and further educate equipment dealers about the power of digital marketing. Tim Whitley saw that the agriculture and equipment industry was underserved when it came to digital marketing because of the lack of information online. Growing up on a farm in Texas, Tim learned that farmers have considerable access to data-driven technology in a tractor cab. Farmers are more technology-sound than most 45+ males because of the technology they work with on farm equipment. Based on these insights, Tim and Team SI introduced one the largest John Deere franchises to the digital world by converting the company’s website into a sign-in portal and mobile application and creating a digital marketing campaign that helped modernize the brand – which quickly got Team SI noticed by other dealers and manufacturers. Now, Team SI serves over 250 equipment dealer locations.

“ We will build and execute a strategy that will deliver your business more search traffic leading to more sales resulting in better ROI.”

Meet Tim Whitley
Tim can be described as a positive leader, innovator, team-focused and a hard worker. He is perhaps best known for his high-profile keynote speaking on “TraDigital: The Art of Blending Traditional and Digital Marketing.” He is also highly respected in the categories of TV broadcasting, distribution content, meteorology, automotive, agriculture and higher education. Tim is currently leading his team of 78 employees at Team SI in innovating over 200 companies in the automotive, agriculture and equipment, healthcare and higher education categories. He has built Team SI on passion and innovation – values that have resulted in Team SI being named to the Inc. 500 as the 276th fastest-growing company in the country. No Arkansas company has been named to the Inc. 500 in years, and only one in the history of the Inc. 500 rose above number 276. Tim is honored to have been named among the Arkansas Business “40 Under 40” in 2015.