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Delivering Solutions that provide value to your Business: QeH2


Established in 2006, QeH2’s mission is to provide unique insights, emerging strategies and proven best practices, for companies seeking business and IT efficiency.”

Qeh2’s history began in 2006 when the company was established by Quentin Jaksch, Darrin Eisele, Ian Holt & Jim Holt. Hence, the acronym QeH2.

QeH2 is based in Castle Rock, Colorado and was founded on the frameworks of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, “4DX / 4 Disciplines of Execution” by Franklin/Covey and “The Socratic Method” of Critical Thinking and Questions.

All of their systems are designed against these frameworks in an effort to bring a high level of support and partnership to their clients. These frameworks permeate all aspects of QeH2’s day to day activities, processes and procedures.

The current perception in the industry is that MSPs are “the folks who come in and fix stuff.” This is not QeH2s approach. The application of the above mentioned methodologies is their strong suit and differentiator.

Through internal training and business probing, QeH2 applies critical thinking to both internal and external solutions. They focus, therefore, on teaching to learn not random bits and pieces of information, but systems – organized networks of concepts and active modes of thinking. Critical thinking and time management are essential if they are to get to the root of their customers’ problems and develop practical solutions.

QeH2’s highly efficient CIO Services
QeH2 is also unique in this market by providing CIO Services as part of their MSP Program. The aim of CIO Services is to guide the client’s executive decisions makers in both strategic and tactical decisions regarding Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The company’s CIOs assist management teams by providing consulting services on how ICT can help them achieve greater efficiencies and maintain compliance while garnering cost savings through the implementation and operation of appropriate Information and Communication Technologies.

The CIO Services Group within QeH2 exhibits business acumen and leadership. This group also aids in the identification and mitigation of ICT risk to the organization.

Unique Solution Offerings
The company’s unique product offerings are as listed below:

  • Onsite & Offsite combination support service model
  • Identification and mitigation of ICT risk to the organization
  • ICT Business Continuity
  • CIO Services
  • Security Assessments
  • Business Intelligence
  • Complete Cloud

Being Different in the Domain

  • QeH2 delivers fixed cost service level agreements giving clients predictable fixed monthly costs.
  • QeH2 is committed to work closely with key stakeholders to advise on ways to improve or adapt IT systems, to increase productivity, reduce costs and maximize ICT investment.
  • QeH2 provides proactive advice, monitoring and training on web and internet-based threats.
  • QeH2 is also credited for offering true CIO services.

“We support businesses of all sizes, from start up to Inc. 500; we have solutions to meet your business needs.”

Client Base
QeH2 takes pride in gaining the trust of clients such as Solaray and Pugs Gear, (SRP)since their inception.

Client Speaks
Brent Bartholio, Director of Sales at PUGS LLC, has made many comments of his overall satisfaction with QeH2. Just recently PUGS was awarded “The Business Partner of the Year” award from their largest customer. This award was achieved because of the exceptional IT programs that differentiated them from all other vendors. The inventory program (Scan Based Trading) was exclusively created for PUGS by QEH2 and was instrumental in Pugs success.

“QeH2 has always been exceptional with their service for PUGS. Their IT support was instrumental with our success when we rolled out/installed over 2500 convenience stores. QeH2 provided 24 hour application support for over 4 weeks directly to our install teams. With more than 150 team members, QeH2 went above and beyond all other support teams. QeH2 has constantly provided world class support to our company. They are a true vendor partner.”
– Brent Bartholio, V.P. Sales, PUGS LLC.

Contact QeH2
401 South Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Website: or

Phone: 720-598-0532

“We continually strive to be positioned as a strategic resource who brings value beginning with our onsite technicians who provide quick, predictable and consistent support.”