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Empowering marketers to achieve their goals in faster and smarter ways with powerful digital technology: dotdigital


Today, if you are a marketer you cannot collect customer data by just connecting with your customers over one email or one event. Instead, making a statement through multiple channels is a strategy that works best in gaining customer loyalty. Creating a seamless experience amongst all digital channels will satisfy your audience. It is impressive for a customer to have a seamless experience along with a personalized experience through omnichannel engagement. There should be a change in customer behavior due to a lack of communication between channels. Omnichannel marketing allows you to remain relevant and competitive in a crowded market. Having so much competition means you need to figure out efficient and effective ways to stand out and really connect with your consumers. In a growing digital landscape, omnichannel marketing allows you to connect with your customers through a personalized experience that can turn them into lifelong customers.

The dotdigital platform is one such omnichannel marketing solution for B2C, B2B, and NFP marketers. The firm imports data, build segments and triggers, and create relevant marketing campaigns that engage your customers on their favorite channels. Its omnichannel marketing features can help you reach your goals faster. If you want to increase marketing ROI, boost sales revenue, drive more qualified leads, or boost donor growth dotdigital has the tools you need. The firm takes your needs seriously and provides flexibility to help strengthen its relationship and is committed to giving you the knowledge and support needed to increase leads and win more business.

The next-gen omnichannel digital marketing services offered by dotdigital

Onboarding Services: dotdigital offers you a tailored plan to make your migration to Engagement Cloud as smooth as possible. Its onboarding project managers will see things through from beginning to end. This level of service is perfect for busier teams who seek a thorough but swift switchover most customers are fully migrated within four to six weeks. The firm can provide you with a detailed project schedule to track your progress against key milestones. With this option, every new customer gets access to an onboarding project manager.

Account Management: The firm’s key account managers and key account directors provide first-class strategic guidance. Not afraid to get hands-on, its team has years of experience in the marketing industry. They are experts in email marketing and champions in delivering advice on omnichannel marketing automation. Your needs and goals are the sole focus of the key accounts team. The firm will get to know your brand inside-out to ensure your projects are moving in the right direction. Working with you to develop an ambitious but achievable roadmap, they will get you where you want to be and then help you go further.

Digital Managed Services: Be it temporary coverage during a busy period, fully managed coverage, or guidance on creating engaging, automated journeys, dotdigital experts are ready to support your project. Marketing automation frees up your valuable time, makes you more productive, and drives up the relevancy of your email campaigns. But sometimes, making time to save time is what holds you back from implementing the programs that’ll advance your results. The company’s digital marketing specialists are experts at creating powerful automations for all types of businesses. Once briefed and scoped, the team will drive the project through from testing to completion. Or, if you prefer, you and your team can attend a collaborative session and participate in the build. Use your service plan credits to deliver a simple or sophisticated automation program that’ll leave your customers wanting more.

Custom Tech Solutions: While the Engagement Cloud platform works nicely with other systems via the dotdigital well-documented open API. Specialists in integration work, its team know Engagement Cloud inside out, and can help integrate the platform with your existing systems and data. They don’t stop at getting data in and out of Engagement Cloud; the firm can also give you a hand in using the platform’s more advanced features to their full capacity. Whether it’s using channel extensions to send messages via push, SMS, and post (anything you can connect with).

The visionary leader behind the success of dotdigital

Milan Patel serves as the Chief Executive Officer of dotdigital. He is responsible for leading the executive team, vision, and growth strategy for the business. Mr. Milan Patel was awarded Chief Financial Officer of the year at the 2017 British Accountancy Awards (BAA).

“For our platform users, we’re 100 percent committed to our innovative product roadmap and continuing to provide you with a competitive advantage.”