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Doximity, Inc-Built Game-Changing Telehealth Platform, Doximity Dialer, Is Easy To Use For Doctors And Patients


“We went from being relatively new in the early part of last year to being one of the country’s top telehealth providers today.”

Doximity is the leading digital network for medical professionals. Doximity operates across the United States.

The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Interview Excerpt: Dr. Peter Alperin

Q. How does Doximity connect medical professionals? And how does this association impact their productivity?

We’ve been able to create this verified and secure platform which is tremendously trustworthy for physicians, meaning that the person you’re speaking with, interacting with, reading an article by, or seeing a comment from is someone who is an actual verified licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant (PA). And so, as a result, this gives people comfort to collaborate. Thereby, you can reach out to other physicians and connect with them by using our digital communication tools. We have a variety of different tools. Members can reach out to colleagues through secure messaging, secure mobile faxing, etc. We also have our popular Doximity Dialer feature, which is our telehealth tool. It allows doctors to make an audio or video call with either a colleague or more importantly, with patients. We’ve created this trustworthy platform through all of these different tools, which will enable physicians to communicate and collaborate on patient care.

Given that Doximity is the largest medical professional network with over 70 percent of all U.S. physicians as members, how uniquely does it address these professionals’ pain points? And how does this collaboration benefit patients in general?

A great question! Yes, as I mentioned earlier, we have a trusted group of verified clinicians. So, number one, members feel more comfortable reaching out to one another. Number two, they’re able to keep up on the latest medical literature, particularly news and research in their specialty.image

We ingest a lot of medical information, both from peer-reviewed medical journals and reputable news outlets. Depending on what you read or who your colleagues read, you can connect with other trusted colleagues and friends over a story or research. When your colleague reads something, or they comment on something, you’re much more likely to see it because you’re connected with them through the network.

Q. Let’s talk about your rock star telemedicine tool—Doximity Dialer. How effectively does it enable medical professionals operating in the network?

Well, I think it’s tremendously helpful, and the main reason is that it’s easy to use, secure, and it’s reliable. When I say easy to use, I mean that it’s quite simple. You can go from not having any experience using a telehealth platform or tool to having a telemedicine call with a patient in less than 10 minutes. How it works is you simply enter the phone number of the patient. It then sends them a text message with a secure link to open up a video visit on either their laptop or phone. And instantly, you’re having a telehealth call. Doximity Dialer basic is available for free to use if you’re a physician or a nurse practitioner. So that is something that I don’t think any other group can tout.

I also think it’s a big reason why we are one of the country’s top telehealth providers today.

Q. Delineate a short overview of the products Doximity offer.

We are kind of like swiss army knife for medicine. There’s a few key features that our members enjoy using and fit into their daily clinical workflow. In addition to our telehealth tool, we also offer a free, dedicated mobile fax line for any physician, which is incredibly useful, given that a lot of healthcare still transmits data and sensitive documents by fax. We also offer secure messaging, which is helpful when you want to reach a colleague directly in a secure online environment.

We also have our curated medical newsfeed, which I touched on earlier. We ingest thousands of articles every month, then distill those down and provide each of our members with a personalized newsfeed that’s based upon who they are, what they’ve read, what their interests are, what their specialty is, etc. Also, we enable users toimage search for other users on the network. This is a tremendously powerful tool for helping with referrals. We have very specific and specialized data that allows you to find for example an orthopedic surgeon who does a very specific procedure and who takes care of a very specific condition. So, this is a very useful tool for our members and ultimately benefits patients and the quality of care they receive.

In addition to these workflow tools, we offer solutions to help our members navigate their careers. As a physician, you can see what other doctors make in different parts of the country as well as certain specialties. You can also search new job opportunities if that’s of interest. For younger physicians, we have tools that help medical students find training and residency programs, which is very crucial for our future doctors. In fact, we have over 90% of fourth-year medical students as members on our network.

Q. What are your focus areas? And how do you plan to make medical communication effortless, fast, simple, and secure?

Well, we’re currently focused heavily on our telehealth solution in the sense of building out the feature set for that. What makes us unique is the fact that, again, it’s so easy to use and it’s completely HIPAA compliant. Therefore, it meets all those rules and regulations we need to abide by that are critical for healthcare.

The Doximity app offers tools that are built for medicine and specifically geared towards the clinician. We’ve integrated with other health data providers in order to have health information available to you while you’re doing your hospital visit. We also provide different virtual backgrounds to limit distractions during video calls with patients. We’ve also built the ability to share your screen with your patient so you can go over their charts or x-rays together, etc. Most importantly, doctors can access all of these tools securely, right from their own smartphone. Patients also love it when their provider uses Doximity Dialer for telehealth appointments because they don’t have to download anything. Other platforms require patients to register as a new user, download a new app or software, etc. With Doximity Dialer, patients can instantly have their doctor’s visit by just clicking on a link. That’s it. And that’s particularly important if you’re a patient who isn’t as tech-savvy, maybe older, or don’t have access to high-speed internet. Doximity Dialer makes it super simple for both physicians and their patients.

Q. Where do you stand as a company in the industry? And what are you doing to stay ahead of the curve?

We’re a pretty unique company because there are no other physician networks like ours. What we’re doing to stay ahead is continuing to develop our key features that doctors love and use everyday. In terms of the things that we’re doing, it’s really about just continuing to connect our physicians and also reaching out to new groups of other health care providers—that’s something we do as well. We don’t just work with physicians; we’re deepening our connections with nurse practitioners, PAs, and other critical folks to healthcare.

“We are kind of like swiss army knife for medicine. We’re fortunate to have been able to create this trustworthy digital platform and offer physicians a variety of clinical tools, which enable them to communicate and collaborate on patient care.”