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Driving home excellence through the Cloud: CtrlS

Cloud computing is the way companies meet all their requirements of hardware and software with IT infrastructure hosted in huge data centers. Today, with Data centers becoming a necessity for all enterprises and the heart of all their computing requirements, the challenge is not only reduction in costs but also significant reduction in operation costs as well. With the future of processing and storage lies in Cloud Computing, Grid Computing & Virtualization which will be provided by data centers, CtrlS established in October 2007, provides a complete suite of offerings from platform level services. It includes datacenter infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware to OS layers, network and security layers with the corporate policy of being a steward to the IT needs of its customers.

The CtrlS CLOUD which includes an automated Cloud provisioning engine to configure, manage and deploy groups of virtual machines, is for enterprises, carriers and hosting providers that want to benefit from the power, flexibility, and economies of Cloud computing infrastructure.

At CtrlS nothing is of greater importance than keeping the client’s applications online and their data secure. Having developed alliances which cater to the business application layer for automating its customers’ business processes, the company possesses the capability of providing end to end custom solutions catering to the unique requirements of clients. Promoted by the 18 year old Pioneer Group which has been building the largest available infrastructure in the Datacenter world and is already into FMS and SI functions, CtrlS is a natural process of amalgamation of Group leadership values which assures its clients that all such custom solutions will carry a strong value proposition.

Why CtrlS

The company has the reputation of setting up Asia’s largest and India’s first Tier-4 datacenter. The true Tier 4 product that comes with an uptime guarantee – highest in the Industry, also offers its clients the advantage of four copies of data for zero data loss and easy disaster recovery. The CtrlS Intrusion Detection System and Integrity Service makes this easy with control and customization that off the shelf solutions just cannot provide.

When companies need complete control over their dedicated server provider, from the kind of hardware that their host server runs on to fine grained choice of the OS and application stack, they turn to CtrlS, the dedicated server provider of choice which also offers the best Dedicated Hosting service in India.

Some companies have reservations about the security of shared hardware used for hosted solutions, while in many industries, data privacy regulations may not allow companies to use shared hardware. To help these companies move to a Cloud Computing future with complete confidence, CtrlS provides Private Cloud services. On the other hand, when a company needs a Virtual Private Server, CtrlS offers the Cloud VPS solution to its clients with suitable scalability, power, robustness and control that are only possible with the CtrlS cloud. “Whether you are looking for a single server or a robust, load balanced solution, for everything from websites to applications in the cloud, we have the Cloud VPS hosting solution for you and at prices that start much lower than you thought possible”, adds the team at CtrlS. Further, for companies that want to harness the power of RISC but with all the scalability and flexibility of a cloud infrastructure, the company has developed MyCloud, a product that offers all this and more.

The largest Tier IV Certified Data Center in Asia has expertise in the areas of Data Center Management, Co-Location, Disaster Recovery, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Hosting, Online Backup and Cloud Services and has become the preferred choice for young entrepreneurs whose Cloud software needs secure, continual hosting.

Transactional to Transformational relations with clients

CtrlS works with strict adherence to the ‘Total Ownership Approach’ which means, meeting the client expectations by making significant investments, changing the way of work, the infrastructure, etc. With operational centres in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and upcoming ones in Chennai and Bangalore, the company ensures that its Services are standardized to make it consistent and at the same time flexible enough to make it customizable as per client’s needs. CtrlS has around 14 centers of excellence that ensure this optimum client satisfaction.

“With complete transparency, the clients look at CtrlS not as a mere vendor but a long term associate rather. It is this trust that makes it possible for the team at CtrlS to build on its skills and achievements”, says the Founder Mr Sridhar.

Client Testimonials

“The USP of CtrlS is the out-of-box solutions being offered”. – Bijaei Jayaraj; CEO, Loylty Rewardz

“I would like to thank the entire team for making the DR drill test. The drill was successful and we managed the changeover with minimum downtime and zero data loss.” – Ajith PrasadA; VP IT, Abraaj Capital

“We were up and running in no time. Excellent support.” – Bharti Lele; Head – Innovation Labs, L&T Infotech

“We chose CtrlS because they own and understand this space.” – Jai Prakash Dwivedi; CIO, RGCIL

Gearing up for the days ahead

company is growing leaps and bounds under the able leadership and guidance of Mr Sridhar who has helped the company become the eye candy of all environmentally conscious business corporations, who save money because of the lowest power consumption assurance by CtrlS. Today, CtrlS is the first choice for young entrepreneurs whose Cloud software needs secure, continual hosting. The company’s commitment towards the ‘Total Ownership Approach’, has earned it appreciation from an enviable client portfolio featuring some of the most renowned brands in the Indian industry.