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Driving the nation to Digital India: Datamatics


In the recent days, information technology, data management and business process management consulting have taken the market by storm. With robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms improving day by day, a number of data management firms have mushroomed in the market. Among them one of the most noteworthy names is Datamatics.

Datamatics is a global provider of such services to several Fortune 500 companies. Datamatics has a fully integrated offering to support digital transformation of organizations through Smart Processes, Smart Systems, Smart Devices and Smart Data. These solutions are powered by Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms which offer improved business efficiency in the interconnected world. The core operation of Datamatics is built around “Data to Intelligence”, wherein Datamatics leverages data to extract intelligence and patterns thereby facilitating smarter and quicker decision making.

Datamatics has adopted the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence, enabling its clients across a wide range of industries to transform into a truly digital, data driven enterprise. Its customized solutions help enterprises maximize productivity, improve speed and accuracy. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has a presence across America, Australia, Asia and Europe.

Values that set them apart

Unlike their competitors, Datamatics has honored commitments all through the four decades of its existence. In these 42 long years, where the firm has grown exponentially, not once has it hindered from its core mission of enhancing business efficiency through smart solutions. The firm has always strived to be a world class organization. Staying true to their vision, today it is one of the most admired organizations owing to its consistency in delivering superior business value.

Products and services

The products offered by the firm include varied business processes that transcend F&A, Enterprise Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration and Portals. Even BIDW & Analytics, Big Data, Application Development, Support & Testing, Engineering & Embedded solutions and Mobility come under the ‘Datamatics Umbrella’.

The next-generation solutions offered by Datamatics span across a diverse range of industries like Banking & Finance and Healthcare Insurance. The firm has made a mark for itself in the manufacturing, market research, publishing, retail and international organizations as well.

Skimming through a timeline of success

  •  On November 3, 1987 Datamatics incorporated as Interface Software Resources Private Ltd.
  • On December 18, 1992 Datamatics changed its name to Datamatics Technologies Private Ltd.
  • On January 13, 2000 the firm got listed as a public company under the provisions of section 43A of the Companies Act and changed its name to Datamatics Technologies Ltd.
  • In August 2011, Datamatics acquired the California based IT firm Cignex that specializes in open-source software.
  • In July 2011, Datamatics acquired a controlling stake in Bangalore based Vista Infosystems, an unlisted entity specializing in embedded systems.
  • In May 2015, Datamatics acquired 1KEY Suite of Offerings from MAIA Business Intelligence.
  •  In July 2017, Datamatics acquired TechJini, a mobile and web application development company

 Giving back to the society

Datamatics integrates social responsibility with business objectives to make these initiatives an integral part of the company's profitable growth. Over the years, the company has developed a thoughtful approach and attempts to address critical areas of impact to society at large. The Company drives its CSR initiatives through a corporate body named ‘ASHA’. Led by Senior Management, this initiative is promoted throughout the company. Towards its commitment to bring about a change in the critical areas, the Company has identified key focus areas, viz. Employability & Environment.

To train and provide employment opportunities for physically challenged individuals and rural women, the Company has tied up with various institutions. Besides this, the company has a special "Knowledge Associate" initiative that opens up opportunities for individuals, who would otherwise be deprived of gainful employment opportunities.

The Knowledge Associate program provides employment opportunity to women who are unable to attend regular jobs due to family priorities but still need to supplement the family income. The firm also supports individuals with physical disabilities, who are unable to commute for regular employment, can however deliver good quality work if allowed to work from home. Individuals in remote rural areas who do not have good employment opportunities in their towns and villages and are hence, forced by circumstances to migrate in large numbers to the cities are lend a hand by Datamatics. The firm’s Knowledge Associate program allows such individuals to work from their own homes. This program has also created employment opportunities for wives of mine workers in some of India’s remote mining locations, who would otherwise have no employment opportunities

Environment is another key focus area for Datamatics, whereby the company endeavors to contribute towards the development of a sustainable society. Datamatics understands the importance of reducing carbon footprint. Employees of the firm are committed and aligned to bring about change in business practice and contribute in reduction of greenhouse emissions. 

Planting trees is the most effective way to reduce carbon emission. As a proactive effort, the Company has tied up with Through this engagement Datamatics celebrates its employee’s birthday by planting a tree on their behalf. As an organization, they also encourage recycling. 

The man behind

 Dr. Lalit S. Kanodia is the founder and chairman of Datamatics Group of Companies which is one of the pioneers in the Indian Software and Offshore Services Industry. He founded Datamatics in 1975, prior to which he was instrumental in setting up of Tata Consultancy Services in 1967. Following his degree from IIT Bombay, Dr. Kanodia completed his Doctorate in Management and post graduation in Computer Science from the MIT (USA).

 We enhance Business Efficiency through Smart Solutions”