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EIRAVATO: digitizes waste, transforms it into a resource, fuels economy circular markets and delights your customers and stakeholders alike


Born in Ireland, grown in Europe and impressing globally, EIRAVATO is a software and services company with an unmatched and powerful solution to turn waste into profit, eliminate inefficiencies and protect the environment thereby ensuring valuable materials and resources are constantly traded and reused, not wasted.

Waste management involves activities that handle waste materials from time of manufacture to its time of disposal. This includes how a business collects, processes, recycles, transport, and dispose of their waste. Most businesses will manage waste in a way that guarantees lost profits, squandered opportunities and inefficient raw material and resource management. Deploying Eiravato’s data driven technology and approach to waste management will typically yield profit from at every stage of production. Every product has a life-cycle and it all begins with how the business manufactures, distributes and recycles those products. An admirable reason to deploy a waste management system is to protect the environment and also ensure the safety and health of employees and the population. An equally important driver is to eliminate waste and maximize profit. Eiravato’s patented solution achieves these aims and fosters brand loyalty.

In conversation with Marcin Kulik and Steve Cassidy, Co-founders of EIRAVATO

Tell us about your products and services in brief.

EIRAVATO is equipping companies to deliver waste commitments supporting the transition into bottom line-driven circular economy. EIRAVATO captures existing waste reports transforming them into meaningful data. Utilizing EIRAVATO in-house materials classification, will allow companies to move away from an old waste management approach into resource harvesting. Thanks to waste digitization and ‘valorization’ the new Restorative Economy can be built delivering triple bottom line. Control, transparency, and traceability of the reclaimed materials forge long-lasting relationships, supporting existing and building new value chains towards more sustainable future.

There is nothing more important for a successful startup than a well-defined mission and vision statements. Can you explain your M&V statements in brief?

Our mission is to empower industry and the governments to move away from failing recycling economy towards Restorative and Circular Economy that benefits all. Utilizing EIRAVATO big data we all can make more informative decisions building economical, environmental and societal benefits. Supporting SDG12 accelerating towards ZERO WASTE economy where resources are captured to maximize their life cycles.

Any company, big or small, must have a sense of authenticity and originality to succeed, what do you want to be, a leader or a follower?

We need to be a bit of both. We aspire to be a leader to deliver an ambitious restorative circular revolution. We understand that change is often met with resistance, too of the present barriers and systematic disconnection, but embedded within EIRAVATO is the ability to overcome short, medium and long term. As a follower, we need to listen to our customers and stakeholders, feel their pain, understand their goals and prepare to serve and support their transition to a new positive restorative circular economy.

What kind of responses have you received from your consumers over the years? How have they motivated you to shape the company’s growth?

We were able to deliver outstanding results for our customers. Transitioning from standard recycling economy where 90% of waste has been either downcycled or incinerated 10% or disposed of. To deliver 75% waste transformed into a high-quality resource sold to produce new quality products. That is hundreds of tonnes of resources saved generating revenue. Most of our customers did not expect such positive results. On that journey our customers shaped us to understand that not all barriers are external and we facilitated their concerns to deliver necessary solutions.

The biggest challenge a startup may face is ‘adaptability’, how do you stay relevant to the consumer interests and needs in this highly volatile market?

In our case, the market is only evolving to recognize the potential of waste as resource. The numerous initiatives such as TCFD help us to better understand where market is going. Large brands commit to better manage their resources, introducing new targets towards use of recycled materials. At EIRAVATO our core value is to listen to the customer needs and equipping them to deliver their waste commitments. I think for any startup this is the key, always listen.

Customer service varies, but companies can still be successful. How do you maintain your customers’ trust and loyalty?

EIRAVATO is a data-rich platform that quickly becomes embedded to create long-lasting value chain relations. Strengthening those relationships is about listening, constant improvements and technology adaptability to meet the needs of our customers internally. However, we strive for our customers beyond their gates by connecting with key stakeholders such as governments to assist customer transition rather than the stick method. On our customer behalf, our ambitions are through our designs to deliver additional benefits such as ISO accreditation that is circular economy centric and our positive carbon proposition that reflects and rewards transition from waste to restorative.

“Equipping you to deliver on your waste commitments.”

Meet the Key Executives

Marcin Kulik, CEO & Co-founder: Marcin has applied his qualification in Artificial Intelligence and Business Systems as a successful entrepreneur in the Irish software industry and in Co-founding Eiravato. Marcin and his team delivered over 350 projects and in the process developed a passion for sustainable business models that led to involvement with Integrated Green Ireland, the Irish branch of a USA-based business, supplying customers with innovative sustainable solutions. Since Co-founding Eiravato, a laser-like focus on data, analysis and market intelligence continues to help customers eliminate waste, create resources and delight stakeholders.

Steve Cassidy, COO & Co-founder: An experienced business owner since 1994, coming from the waste industry, Steve identified numerous weaknesses and threats within the recycling sector. In 2013, he helped establish a licensed waste plastic specific processing company in Ireland. In a dysfunctional market, supported by legislation that rewards volume rather than quality, Steve observed it was essential to adopt an entirely fresh approach (EIRAVATO) providing and an expert service, based on robust data, between the waste originator and the waste provider, to delivery a truly Circular and efficient business. Steve and colleagues have developed and refined a service technical solution that is unmatched in EMEA and the Americas.

“Eiravato guides and empowers you to bring your business into the circular economy, delight your consumers and investors and protect you from future regulatory risks.”