April Edition 2021

Enertiv – The “all-in-one” operations platform for digitizing the full scope of operations in commercial real estate


Throughout recent decades, the real estate industry has been able to access more and more resources which have increased the ease of doing business. As cloud technology has become more accessible for smaller businesses and franchises, one of its features – SaaS – is proving to be of great use to specialists in this particular field. Keeping in touch with buyers and tenants and contractors is made a great deal easier with SaaS. Not only are emails accessible from any location, but it’s much easier to share information and receive updates from anyone and everyone who has access. Task management is also made much more streamlined and easier.

Enertiv is a connected SaaS platform that brings together modern software tools to digitize operations and provide real-time visibility into the performance of critical infrastructure for commercial real estate portfolios. With Enertiv, owners and operators can ensure that on-site teams are operating buildings at peak performance while gaining unprecedented transparency into maintenance, energy efficiency, capital planning, tenant billing, the indoor environment, and more. The platform can be delivered modularly to fit the needs, capabilities, and budgets of any property type. This flexibility ranges from software-only mobile apps to streamline routine workflows to predictive analytics capabilities delivered through system integrations and stand-alone sensor deployments.

Cutting-edge Real Estate Digitization Solutions and Products Offered by Enertiv

The Enertiv App: The Enertiv App is a mobile application built to digitize common operations & facilities maintenance management and make critical information available on-the-fly. These software-only features can be deployed immediately across any number of assets. In addition to being complete facilities maintenance software, the app can integrate with the BMS and over 25 different IoT sensors & devices to enable real-time equipment and environmental monitoring. In addition, the Enertiv App will be connected to asset tags on equipment and other systems as well as remote building access to "Enertiv 360."

Equipment Monitoring: Enertiv is the only company capable of affordably capturing equipment-level performance data without relying on a BMS. This unique capability, combined with the industry's largest library of insights, delivers a high-ROI solution for any asset type. Enertiv’s technology has consistently increased net operating income by 21 cents per square foot, delivering an ROI of 400% or more and a payback period of less than 15 months. The Enertiv Platform is designed to push and pull data from other real estate technology to gain deeper insight and increase automation.

Environmental Monitoring: Enertiv sources, installs and networks a range of IoT sensors to track indoor environmental quality and notify operators of issues as they occur. As importantly, each new sensor type feeds into the same platform so that adding capabilities doesn't require adding more vendors and software. Enertiv is not limited by property types or whether there is a building management system (BMS) in place. There is no other platform that can both tap into the BMS sensors as well as integrate sensors to serve the broad market segments that do not have robust BMS in place.

Tenant Submetering: The tenant billing process in commercial real estate is often manual, slow and error prone. Enertiv not only automates workflows and provides unprecedented transparency, the platform integrates with existing software to ensure that is billing both streamlined and dispute free. Enertiv has the industry's largest dataset of building performance data. This translates to more insights, a better understanding of best practices, and the ability to apply machine learning and other AI algorithms that identify patterns and correlations that would otherwise be impossible to spot.

The Driving Force Behind the Triumph of Enertiv

Connell McGill is the Co-founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Enertiv. He’s responsible for driving the company vision, growing the team, and managing key client accounts investor relations. Under his leadership, Enertiv was recently featured as the Most Fundable Company in the US in Entrepreneur Magazine.

“The Enertiv Platform has been adopted by many of the top owners and operators and has proven to increase net operating income by an average of 21 cents per square foot while delivering a payback period of under a year.”