August Edition 2021

An innovator developing robust management solutions to solve today’s challenges: Eturi Corp


The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has gained immense traction in recent times, and it is proven to be a great method for employers to reduce equipment costs. This is, however, not shiny as it seems for managed service providers (MSPs) who are responsible for dealing with the security risks involved in BYOD. When employees use their personal devices for work, they generally don’t understand that they are creating a breeding ground for connectivity, privacy, and security issues if they are not managed correctly. Experts are certain that to overcome the security issues involved in BYOD, the MSPs must deploy appropriate Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. Globally there are various providers specializing in delivering excellent MDM solutions, but Eturi Corp stands out from the rest. Eturi Corp is an expert in remote management software. The company’s flagship app, OurPact, is the top-rated screen time parental control app in the market. In fact, it was the Founder’s vision and development of OurPact that really developed the parental screen time market. It is that same innovation and vision that made Eturi Corp enter the SMB market. In 2020 COVID-19 dramatically restructured work practices. Amir Moussavian, Founder and CEO of Eturi Corp, realized that the new decentralized way of working left many leaders seeking ways to evaluate the activity of their teams, and from this, Motiv was born. With reporting focusing on team collaboration, Eturi developed the app to ensure the highest level of employee privacy. Motiv is the corner-office view into today’s distributed workforce and is the first productivity app built for CEOs and Business leaders of distributed teams. The current situation calls for flexibility, innovation, leadership, and trust. In order to best do this, it’s critical that leaders have the right tools – easy to use, maintain privacy, and provide an understanding of productivity and efficiency while keeping an eye that your teams do not experience burnout. That is why Amir developed Motiv, to ensure whether a company remained remote, hybrid, or distributed, CEOs and business leaders have what they need to ensure their teams and company are poised for success.

“Our sophisticated platform architecture effectively manages any mobile device, across any network. Our software enables device functionality to be blocked, granted, or throttled remotely, on 3G, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi.”

Finding the solution…

As a father of two, Eturi’s founder, Amir Moussavian, saw the need to manage screen time from a very personal perspective. Back in 2014, he would come home after long days at the office and be excited to spend quality time with his family. The problem was his children weren’t ‘present’ — they were texting at the dinner table and scrolling through Instagram during conversations. It felt like every family moment was being hijacked by screens or by arguments about screens. So, he decided to write up a ‘pact’ that positioned device use as a privilege and outlined expectations for that privilege to continue: no screens during family meals, for an hour before bed, during homework time. No more arguments. In theory. While his kids made great progress, the system still lacked accountability. He’d tell his daughters: “only fifteen more minutes,” then come back to them still on their device over an hour later. One morning, he found himself looking at the contracts taped to the refrigerator and had an ‘Aha’ moment. Right then, he realized that technology is the problem, but it can also be the solution. He set out to develop an app that would help families limit screen time without the arguments from that day. It was in this ‘aha’ moment that OurPact, Powered by Eturi Corp, was born.


Healthy, Productive Device Use

OurPact was designed to give parents the tools they need to protect their children while also teaching children responsible and healthy mobile device use. The security and privacy of families are at the forefront of every feature the company creates. It has always been important to us to develop software. Eturi Corp recognized that there were no solutions to screen time management for iOS, and iOS is a notoriously difficult space to develop in, and so we tackled this challenge head-on and established the first viable iOS mobile screen time solution before bringing it to Android. OurPact offers a vast array of features – from mobile app blocking to web filtering, to location monitoring, to smart reporting on device use. OurPact allows parents to set healthy limits on social media and games while ensuring they still have access to educational or safety-related content; to get an alert when their child arrives at or leaves a specific location; to receive a notification if nefarious activity is taking place on the device. At its core, however, one of the company’s key goals is to ensure the security and privacy of the family’s data, and as we initially developed and continue to enhance, this remains at the core.

Recent developments

The current times call for adaptation and flexibility. Eturi has always focused on developing practical solutions, and OurPact has proven to be more valuable than ever in the days of the always-online pandemic. Since Eturi’s inception, the majority of investments in time/money have gone towards establishing a flexible, stable platform that we can ultimately build alternate solutions from. The company had always planned to shift into the business market, but the urgency to do so increased dramatically at the onset of the pandemic. The year ahead will truly be about transitioning Eturi from a software company with one winning app to a software platform. Amir is wired to think about how technology can tackle problems and inefficiencies and consistently challenges his team to think the same way. Having the vision to identify a problem and the vision to derive a solution is always the starting point. Brainstorming sessions with the team, competitive analysis, research, and importantly, talking to current or potential customers all help refine Eturi’s solutions. Building a roadmap early in the process is foundational but being flexible to adapt and adjust is just as essential to the long-term success of Eturi.

The entire nature of the workforce has turned on its heel. No company has been exempt from the impacts – both in terms of immediate responses and looking forward/making plans for the future. The mobile app industry is fortunate in that many of Eturi’s platforms are versatile and easily loan themselves to remote collaborative work. Eturi also saw tech companies signal their modernity through open, public support for long-term work policies – the team understands that remote teams allow for top talent acquisition and retention. This new model isn’t going anywhere. Eturi has done extensive R&D into practical business applications. But within the context of the new remote work environment, the needs – of leaders, workers, companies – all adjusted. An executive can no longer walk around an open-concept office space to get a feel for the pulse of their organization – who is talking to who, general productivity, and so on. The company is always looking at ways to replicate this perspective within a remote organization. Eturi Corp is very excited about the growth opportunities for both Motiv and OurPact in the coming year. The team knows the enhancements they will be delivered on a frequent basis throughout the year will offer significant value. However, Eturi is always on the lookout for new opportunities to make its current (and new) customer’s lives better and easier to manage.

Meet the leader behind the success of Eturi Corp

Amir Moussavian is the Founder and CEO of Eturi Corp. It is rare to find a person with such vision who is so incredibly grounded in financials, but Amir is. With those two tremendous skills at the helm of Eturi Corp, they have successfully managed the challenging landscape of the pandemic. First, his vision for Eturi’s new product was a guiding beacon for the entire team to focus on throughout the year. As the year progressed and more companies announced the sustainability of remote work, the importance of our new app and brainstorming about new features energized the team.  Second, with his eye on financials, he along with the company’s CFO, ensured an even higher standard of fiscal responsibility while still ensuring the teams work-from-home needs were covered. As Eturi moved in 2021, the company is and will continue to be poised for short and long-term success.

“OurPact is the #1 leading parental control and family locator app. Millions of families use our platform every day to encourage responsible use of iOS and Android devices from an early age, onwards.”

“Motiv expands Eturi’s reach into the business workplace. Offering an unparalleled solution through a mobile-first dashboard, Motiv provides leaders assurance that their teams are engaged with their daily responsibilities and collaborating on projects.”